Round Of 16: England v Slovakia

Let's play Aubamawang

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This was one of the worst things I have ever seen, ngl...

At least old dark blonde blue eyes isn't doing a different kind of salute now he's in the motherland.


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Foden drops ANOTHER nothing game for England, Micah Richards...

It's laughable how he's been crowned the English Zidane or England's best player when he's given us next to nothing. This team belongs to Jude. He plays for the biggest club in the world whilst wearing the special No. 5 shirt. You know, like Zidane. People will tell you it's because of how technical Foden is, yet it seldom leads to anything for England. Joe Cole was more technically gifted than Beckham, but the team was geared toward Beckham because he did the business. Why is there such a clamour to get the best out of Foden but never Jude? I wonder why?


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He’s the new Joe Cole (without the injuries). He’s clearly England’s most talented player, but no way near as important as the pundits make him out to be. Cole was at best fifth or sixth best at Chelsea and England but was revered by the English media. It was unfathomable if he wasn't in the starting XI, despite a lukewarm England career.

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I only support England because of Arsenal and the Premier League but my god is this nation messed up when it comes to coach selection.

You guys need to understand you don’t have the coaching abilities of the Germans, Italians, Spanish, etc. so ditch this “Must Be British” nonsense and get a world class coach.

This is a generational squad and you’re wasting with him or any other English/British coach. Get an offensive style coach with a winning history.


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Palmer is a very good passer with great vision, but he doesn't solve any issues in England's attack. The last thing England needed was another ball-to-feet merchant. His performance was reminiscent of Bruno Fernandes, and I don't mean that as a compliment. I don't have time for players who don't value possession and want to play hero ball. Palmer's cameo was poor (as expected) but I haven't heard a single pundit talk about how Eze brought life into England's attack. I can't even find a comp of his display today. Why is that?

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