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Sead Kolasinac: The Less Sead The Better

Has Sead got a big role left to play at Arsenal?

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Best of luck to you Sead.

Good start to the window, well done Arsenal.


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Good news that The Tree has finally planted himself elsewhere. Good luck Sead, you had your moments, my favourite being pushing an entire wall of players away! :)


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No malice towards Kolasinac at all, but him leaving will be exactly the kind of clearing out the deadwood that this club should be doing. Isn't good enough to be a starter for a top.club and never will be.


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Taking a pay cut supposedly to make the move. Gotta respect players that are willing to do that.

Some people just wanna get on that pitch and play the game I guess :lol:

At one stage I thought this was the default attitude for professional footballers, but now I think that was being horribly naive.
Best of luck to him.

Won't be missed though, finally we can move him on. He's never lived upto expectations from when he was labelled as a top player in the Bundesliga, although it's hardly surprising when you you at the number of players who flop when they step up from there as supposed team of the year type players: Xhaka, Mihki, Kagawa etc...

He was a one trick pony who made powerful forward runs and had periods where he played decent cutbacks. He was just too poor defensively and technically with the ball at his feet and passing. Having players like that around stifles the ability to play quick attacking football, hopefully he is the first of many that we shift in the next couple of windows.


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Good bye. Wasn't good enough but don't think he's ever been unprofessional. Was really excited when we signed him due to the comments from Bundesliga watchers and him making the team of the year.


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Everyone who called him ****e are now praising him. Lmao


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Some good memories with him. Defending family and friends from the moped ****ers. The time when we were totally dependent on his cutbacks to score goals. I distinctly remember him catching and throwing a Leicester player against the post like a useless toy during a corner kick. Not sure if that video is available anywhere.

The fact that he is taking a wage cut to get some playing time tells a lot about his attitude. Best of luck to him.


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Schalke haven't won a game this season until today. Worst start to the season ever.
With Kola right in the starting 11 they won 4-0 against Hoffenheim today. He was even the captain.
This season, due to COVID, all of these leagues are super weird, be it Premier Leage, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga or Ligue1...

What a crazy season!


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He's not ****e per se. But for him to look half decent, you have to build your attack around him. Emery did that and he looked good. That in itself was a huge mistake, we became totally reliant on him and Bellerin for creativity.
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