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Great game and comeback from inter after going 1 behind against Napoli of course classic ospina make mistake from corner again 🤣

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Yousif Arsenal

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Napoli give it all at the end missed 2 great chances really good game Napoli inter and Milan all in title race and its fun.

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Afenya Gyan has come out of nowhere, really. Hopefully he will be the face of Ghana’s attack in the future. Meteoric rise indeed.

Ah ffs.

With Aidoo and Kudus breaking out and rumours Nketiah might choose Ghana they’ve suddenly got a decent chance of getting out the group for AFCON 😭

Was hoping we’d get Partey back really quickly.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll
Juve offices are getting investigated by Italian authorities few hours ago. Will be interesting what they gonna reveal tomorrow some sources saying about dodgy transfers.

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