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Serie A Thread

Rex Bezos

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Juve offices are getting investigated by Italian authorities few hours ago. Will be interesting what they gonna reveal tomorrow some sources saying about dodgy transfers.

Edu phoning the feds up to get us Dybala and Locatelli on the cheap.

My DoF.


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Dybala hits the bar with a late freekick.

Overall the deserved win for Atalanta.
Napoli, Inter, Milan, Atalanta look all better than Juve.

Yousif Arsenal

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That was the best chsnce from set piece by Dybala hit the bar.

FT Atalanta win 1-0 big win for them


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2-0 Inter F/T

I get why that pen is given but when the ball bounces off someone's leg from that close it still feels a bit harsh.

That's said is pretty much always gong to be given.

The White Pelè

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Big win for Inter against Venice. They are just one point behind the top now. Calhanoglu from reject at Milan to spot under the sun at Inter.

1-0 Inter

2-0 Inter


The White Pelè

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Shicking lead for Sassuolo at HT against Milan. Bologna draw, instead. Udinese-Genoa 0-0 FT.

1-0 Milan

1-1 Sassuolo

2-1 Sassuolo



Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Big loss for Milan at home.

1:3 at the end. Romagnoli with a red, Kessie with a shocking mistake before the third goal. If Hagn is still tweeting about him?

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