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Sorry, double post. Inter win and overtake Milan in the 2nd place, while Roma lose against a Bologna side that now can dream about Europe.

2-0 Inter


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Total suicide from Napoli. They were leading 2-0 and then they almost lost the game! 2-2 FT. Easy win for Milan, instead. Now we are 4 teams in just 5 points at the top.

1-0 Napoli

2-0 Napoli

3-0 Milan

2-1 Sassuolo

2-2 Sassuolo



Showering Xhaka with love 😍
Dumfries 3-0. Roma getting destroyed everytime they attack. Roma not defending very well and mourinho will throw them under bus again
So nice to see that mega c**t fail again! Couldn't happen to a more deserving individual. After how he behaved against Wenger and us I hope he gets all the misery in the world! I hate the guy with a passion! :mad:

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Great win by Atalanta Gaspirini still continues to impress at Atalanta they in comfertable position in top 4 and 10 points ahead of juve.

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Watched the Napoli - Atalanta game in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant yesterday.

Great fun. Hope Atalanta can make a run at the title.

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This league is ****ing amazing this season. 4 teams in just 4 points at the top, with Atalanta coming in the title race like a rocket!

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