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Roma really blow up big chance today get grip for EL spot they might themselves 8th if Atalanta and Fiorentina win tomorrow.

All eyes on Milan tomorrow if they win I'm pretty sure they win the title.

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Sassuolo beat Bologna 3-1.

1-0 Sassuolo

2-0 Sassuolo

3-0 Sassuolo

3-1 Bologna

Napoli beat Genoa and basically relegate them.

1-0 Napoli


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Inter beat Cagliari 3-1 so everything will be decided next sunday.

1-0 Inter

2-0 Inter

2-1 Cagliari

3-1 Inter


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Sampdoria beat Fiorentina 4-1. Everything is still wide open for the EL and the Conference League.

1-0 Sampdoria

2-0 Sampdoria

3-0 Sampdoria

4-0 Sampdoria

4-1 Fiorentina


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