Shady, Petty, Racist & Can't find a new manager. Who else but Abramovich FC?

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by Bigbludfire, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Can't see Conte lasting the season, that's a shocking result tonight, no excuses.
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    Courtois and Hazard are always talking about leaving when Chelsea are having a tough time. Thats what you get when the only reason they are at your club is money and they can get a better life somewhere else. No respect.
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    I am not a lover of Hazards attitude, but I could also see Willian doing one too, this will be second time in quick succession that they are in the middle of a rocky marriage between club and manager, who wants to live in that ****?
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    Its quite normal actually, we at Arsenal aren’t used to it, and the PL top is in a relatively quit period on the managers front.
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    Now that you mention it, I clearly did not think it through:oops: Most marriages are a hostile environment these days:lol:
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    They have a fantastic youth set-up, the problem is they just use it to turn a f*cking profit instead of actually making use of the talent they develop.
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    Genuinely think there's a threat of them running out of managers. :lol:
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    I wonder how long before Abramovich decides his mission has been completed.
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    Conte forcing his way out in time to take over Italy for the World Cup by just not giving a **** anymore. Luis Enrique incoming. :D
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    Could Conte incur the Bromwich curse?
    (insert ghostly whooooohhh or something Twilight Zoney)!

    Chelsea are set to take on West Bromwich Albion, a fixture with a connection to managerial sackings

    Antonio Conte and Chelsea could fall victim to the 'West Brom curse' just like all these other managers;

    Mick Mcarthy at Wolves
    Andres Villlas-Boas at Chelsea
    Roberto Di Matteo at Chelsea
    Roberto Mancini at Man City
    Alec Ferguson at Man Utd
    Paulo Di Canio at Sunderland
    Chris Hughton at Norwich
    Antonio Conte?


    -Oh, 'ave a word',, all rather tenuous stuff(to say the least) really, but I thought I'd post it, for posterity sake.
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    100k+ a week for this.

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    So, this is what the 'much less pressing' function on Football Manager looks like in real life?
    Never works.
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    That match was a joke. Conte deliberately setup the team to lose to spite Abramovich. He wants out.
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    I still like him tbh, think he deserves more time but this is hilarious.

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