Shkodran Mustafi (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by American_Gooner, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. TakeChillPill

    TakeChillPill Well-Known Member

    Mustafa leaving will be our most important signing of 2021.
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  2. boonthegoon

    boonthegoon Well-Known Member

    Should lock this now. Not going anywhere till the summer.
  3. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    Fixed that for you.
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  4. MikeVinna

    MikeVinna Well-Known Member

    Why are people ignoring the fact that Chambers did his knee in and hasnt featured since? Who would buy him then?
  5. Goonger

    Goonger Well-Known Member

    A loan makes sense, get him some game time & build his fitness up, put him in the shop window as he'll have 12 months left on his deal by the summer.
  6. MikeVinna

    MikeVinna Well-Known Member

    But why would a club loan him for half a year not knowing if they’ll get any value out of him?

    Edit: Just look at how long it took Bellerin and Holding to get into any kind of form/fitness since their injuries. These ACL injuries aren’t a joke.
  7. Dutch D

    Dutch D Well-Known Member

    Mikel is saying the squad is bloated and that every average donkey can't leave the club (didn't he say we should keep Elneny too?). Can't make up his mind this guy.
  8. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    :lol::lol::lol: Which day was that then? Been watching Arsenal since I was a small kid and I can easily say he's the worst player I've seen in an Arsenal shirt. And if you don't like this ridiculous compilation of blunders, Youtube is full of a bunch of others.
  9. Blood on the Tracks

    Blood on the Tracks Well-Known Member

    He's crap but he's far from the worst player to play for Arsenal ability wise. He's physically and technically capable of performing pretty much every facet of being a very good centre back.

    It's his decision making and concentration that is the issue.
  10. Mitch

    Mitch Bellerin Upgrade Advocate

    Not even the worst CB. Had two good purple patches at the beginning of both his first and second seasons but wasnt good enough apart from these patches of good form.

    In terms of worse players to wear the arsenal shirt, I would say Squallaci, Cygan, Stepanovs, Diawara, Sanogo, Wreh, Bellerin, Inamoto, Taylor, Santos and Traore all worse
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  11. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    Bellerin? :lol::lol::lol:
    Squillaci was bad but I bet he didn’t cost us as many goals as Mustafi. Did you even watch the video or all the others? He’s a mess of a CB. I bet even Sanogo would be better in that position.
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  12. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Established Member Trusted

    Definitely the worst. His price tag, the amount of games he has lost us, the way he has run his contract down. Cant stand him.
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  13. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    :lol: You’ve just condemned him right there. A CB with poor decision making and concentration is a liability. Don’t care if he is physical. And he’s not technical that’s for sure, his passing is appalling, maybe at heading, but his timing for tackles is woeful.
  14. Goonger

    Goonger Well-Known Member

    I know, obviously they can do a medical or whatever to check on him as well, & see how he performed in the 4 U23 & 2 Europa League appearances.

    Liverpool protect their defenders a lot better as well, if it allows them to shift Fabinho & Henderson back into midfield they control the game better that in turn helps both the attack & defence.

    They might have better options I suppose but they certainly aren't rushing to get them this window. They literally have Williams, Phillips & an injury prone Matip as actual central defenders right now.
  15. Mitch

    Mitch Bellerin Upgrade Advocate

    Bellerin certainly has had many, many more poor peformances more than Mustafi (must be between Bellerin, Diaby and Ramsey for most more peformances in a Arsenal shirt). Squallaci was a poorer quality CB, cant even recall him having a good game for us but at least in his case we stopped giving much game time and got rid sooner.
  16. Red London

    Red London Anti-Simp Culture Trusted

    This guy thought he was going Barca and it turns out no one wants him :lol: Sokratis has 3 clubs fighting for him and Musti is in his feelings right now.
  17. Arsenal1508

    Arsenal1508 Mods are unethical! Ozil, come assist me please!

    Mate, have you not heard of the reverse jinx and invisible ink?
  18. Garrincha

    Garrincha Wilf Zaha Aficionado Trusted

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  19. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

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  20. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    Do you mean my irony radar is ****ed. Sorry bro.:lol:

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