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Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by Anonymous, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You may have noticed a slight tweak to the forum's layout. At the request of our advertisers (and to ensure that the site continues receiving good revenue to cover its costs), we've agreed to reduce the space in the middle and move the MPU and various options up above the fold.

    There are some deeper pages that still look a bit wonky, and we're working on fixing these today.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Just addressing some posts I've read - I understand the issue people have with ads, and we're always looking at ways to integrate these better (e.g. looking to remove the skyscraper), but there needs to be a way for this site to cover its costs.

    The vast majority of you were not keen on a subscription model to use the forum. So there is a huge reliance on the ads to cover our running costs. It's a change yes, but it is tolerable. Let's put this change in perspective please, before posting rants against "change".

    I would love to remove the ads if we had a revenue model in place that covered our costs of running the site (bear in mind we're in the process of purchasing a third dedicated server). Until then, the ads are a necessary evil.

  3. A_G

    A_G New Member

    I understand the needs for ads at Arsenal Mania(disabled adblockplus here) but not on the cost of actual forum space and readability.
    Surely there must be some way to fit the ads without narrowing the layout.A lot of forums do that.
    Hopefully the old layout gets restored,one way or another,soon.

    DREVAK New Member

    I don't suppose there is a way to move the Options & ad to the left?
  5. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    I have no problem with the ads, but the ads do not have the same importance as content. There are larger and smaller sites throughout the internet that allow enough room for content and still find room to serve the ads above the fold. However at present, the content is squeezed into a space that is too small while the ads space is far too wide. Having the ads on the right above the fold is not a problem, it's a matter of how much room there is. If this is what you want to do, then I suggest you widen the width of the whole site. I thought that AM's acquisition was about the content and enabling the site to flourish as it had done, not about turning it into a money making machine.
  6. Accomplished

    Accomplished New Member

    ....and this is why I said people wouldn't like this new ownership. The forum was always going to have to go this way once the money issues needed to be resolved. Now, a good chunk of my screen is blocked by a Nike video ad that means I can't click on a bunch of forum names/topics/etc. Not only that, just reading and replying to this topic is a nightmare because of it. I can't even read the first post because of it.

    I don't mind ads, but they need to be done better than this IMO.
  7. Fever

    Fever New Member

    Come off it, it's hardly changed anything.
  8. Fever

    Fever New Member

    How about a 'Donate' button to for more income?
  9. Danni

    Danni New Member

    So there'll be big spaces on the side with shrunk reading space. I don't like that, but I do like the idea of having the "users online" by the side. That looks rather cool.
  10. Spork

    Spork New Member

    To Be honest, these changes make the site an awesome sight.

    The advert column is nearly the same size as the actual forum itself. Why is there such an excess of grey 'dead area' and the adverts end up taking over the forum space? Can't you put the adverts on the outside?
  11. diaby

    diaby New Member

    Yeah, i'm not sure why there's so much grey area, or is it that there are ads there that just aren't showing up due to my region or whatever?
  12. Viking

    Viking New Member

    A way to get more space in the middle, without hurting ads would be to make the right menu with unanswered posts, who's online etc slimmer.
  13. BenettonGunner

    BenettonGunner New Member

    got to admit i'm not keen on the new smaller posting area, and the fact that we have that bloody annoying rooney v rooney advert!
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Guys, seriously - if space is really an issue, my first option will be to reduce the size of the avatars, or remove them completely. That frees up about 160 pixels, which by the sentiment of some of you, seems to be a lot!

    Trust me when I say that we've explored all options, and this is the best layout we had to opt for. Appreciate your suggestions, but it would look even worse if we had some posts narrow, and some posts wide (expanding under the ad).

    Your comments are much appreciated, but if it's really an issue, I will remove the avatars, to make more room for the "content".

  15. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    Absolutely hate it actually. I don't mind the ads either but the reduced space for posting is a nightmare, hurts my eyes. Get the ads in place of Ibby's posts so we can solve two problems by doing one simple thing, whatever, just put it back.
  16. Herbas

    Herbas New Member

    I don't really get how smaller posting area can "hurt eyes".
    I have read in many different places that narrow columns are much better for readability than wide ones (better eye fixation, etc.). So narrowing text area is quite a welcome change from this aspect.

    For me perhaps the only annoyance of this new layout will be more scrolling down (especially in netbooks).
  17. jog

    jog New Member

    Firefox + NoScripts + Adblocker plus

    Will take care of those silly ads, shame it does nothing for the shocking new layout.
  18. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    It's not about avatar sizes, it's about content area versus advert area. one should be vastly bigger than the other.

    Look at sites like Digg and Slashdot. They are about user generated content, they survive thanks to advertising and yet they respect their content providers (posters). The content here has been squashed down for adverts, that's never a good thing. In this current model of the site, even the smallest post looks daunting due to how little width it's got for each new line of text.
  19. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    here's an idea why don't you cut down on the number of accounts you open. Preferrably to zero. Then we'll save a ton of space on the users online bit
  20. Danni

    Danni New Member

    Dula, I know you have a problem with me, but let's not do it here.
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