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Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by Anonymous, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    I fail to see any problem here. There's plenty of space in which to get your points across. Rather than moan about the site why don't half you lot learn to get your point across succinctly.
  2. dodge

    dodge New Member

    Agree with you Dula, one liners are the way to go people. No one listens to me :(

    I don't mind change but make sure you remove that chav from the face of your board, Chongster..

  3. dodge

    dodge New Member

    On one liners,

    Is it possible to have a word limit on thread titles? By this way, we can avoid a thread title using 2nd line and it would look better than it is now.
  4. Viking

    Viking New Member

    I did read it. Sorry if you misunderstood my comment, I merely meant that when the regular users aren't at first given a thorough walkthrough of what options have been considered and discarded, you're bound to get a lot of suggestions that have already been discarded.
  5. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    I'm still not seeing why the forum has to be on the left side. That puts most users eyes further away from the adverts you want people to see. It also makes the site less easy to use.
  6. otfgoon

    otfgoon New Member

    Is it not possible to move the main forum down a bit, leaving the video up up there allowing the forum to go back to it's original size or at least a little less narrow?

    Pic of what I mean

    How it is now
    How it should be

    Sorry if my amature advice is moronic and it's impossible or something. Just a thought.
  7. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    I was also thinking that we could get rid of the "post a reply" thing which is placed just under the forum and make some space for two more ads by doing so. To be completely honest, I have been using it so far but I'd rather take one more click, only if the forum could get back where it was before. I guess this option has been ruled out too though.
  8. Y va marquer

    Y va marquer New Member Elite

    I think posts are easier to read with this layout.
    Not keen on the ads though.

    Looked at some of the other forums and hate the screen width size of posts.

    Maybe just decreasing the size of avatar space will help for those who can't cope with the new width?
    (but don't get rid of avatars completly, please!)
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I didn't misunderstand your post, my suggestion to read my comment again still stands:

    The reaction on here has the tone that this decision to change the layout was made without any consideration of the various other possibilities. Did you not think that we test *all* the pages, bearing in mind that one layout will work on the index page, but not on the threads, or work on threads, but not on the posts pages? How one layout will affect users in a certain browser and screen resolution?

    In spite of all that, we also have to consider consistency with the main site - Arsenal Mania is not just the forum. And when we've got a shortlist, we then decide what is technically possible, and how the different browsers will react to the changes to the code.

    Quite frankly, we don't need to provide you with a walkthrough of every decision we make on the site, hence my point above: trust us when we've considered all the possibilities, and made the best decision for everyone on the site.

    We cannot please everyone - i.e. if I remove avatars, 50% will like it, 50% won't, so there is always a need for compromise.

    For people to criticise our decisions, not realising the discussions and late nights we spend testing and ensuring that the majority of our users will still be able to use the forum after a layout change, is severely underestimated by those of you who have criticised us in this thread.

    I ask you again to put this change in perspective. Has the colour of the text changed? Has the logo of the site changed to Spurs logo? Has the font size changed? Is there an ad overlapping on each post? Is the poster's name obscured? All that's changed is that the content area has been reduced to make way for a sidebar, which houses an ad that keeps this site running, a site that all of you use everyday for FREE yet criticise, complain and moan at every possible opportunity.

    I'm disappointed that some of you have even threatened to leave the forum. Really? If you choose to do so, shame on you, because it's not the colours or the width of a post that makes Arsenal Mania a place I enjoy coming back to every day. And I certainly won't be threatened by someone saying they want to leave the site! You won't be the first, and certainly not the last.

    It's the people and the users on this forum that make it special, and only a small minority of you are complaining. I will continue to enjoy the company, comments and thoughts of the vast majority who still visit everyday, and I am confident these people will continue to visit.

    Now, if you will excuse me, despite your whinging and moaning irking me, I am spending my weekend resizing avatars and finding out what size works best for a layout that will increase the size of content on the site. Again, for your benefit.

    Despite my best efforts, I can assure you that some of you will still complain, and maybe even threaten to leave... again. Whatever, I'm doing what's best for Arsenal Mania, and sometimes those decisions won't please everyone.
  10. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    To be fair, I think there is a huge difference between complaining and expressing your own opinion. Since you guys decided to leave this thread open for some to say what they think about the new layout change, I think you could have pretty easily expected this sort of response and considering you don't seem to like it and have been indeed discussing these things in your secret forums, perhaps making the announcement and locking it afterwards would be better for the next time.

    You'll save yourselves from bad reactions and suggestions that are hardly taken into account and other posters will save their time because they can't do anything about it anyway. No hard feelings, nobody is underestimating the job you've done and I don't think some ever will.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You serious? If we had locked the thread, do you think we wouldn't have been criticised? My point is we cannot win no matter what we do.

    Walk a mile in our shoes, then you'll understand what we have to deal with.

    And about "expressing your own opinion" - if it's not expressed constructively, then I think it's fair that we ignore it. If you're merely suggesting something, and we've already considered it, then that's just fact that we will dismiss your idea, a big difference from us ignoring it.

    On the other hand, if you suggested something we hadn't considered, we'll discuss it, i.e. the removal of avatars.

    My statement to ALL of you still stands - your reactions, and your tones in some of your posts in this thread, were not justified and very unfair. Hard feelings or not, I don't think appreciation or understanding was conveyed at all in the criticism levelled at us.

    That is all.
  12. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    Ya i don't like it either but mentioned it just as another opinion.

    Also i don't see you mentioning anything about the white spaces below topic titles (when the date is too long). Is there anyway that could be fixed?

    Anyway, i'm already used to the site like this (other than what i mentioned above) so good work.
  13. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    Deadly serious. You've said that yourself - we don't know what you have to deal with (so don't I, but I hate being in the "step aside, we'll let you know when something is done" position and that's perhaps why I wanted to say something about it), we don't also know what suggestions you have already ruled out and the reactions was, once again, easily to predict so what is the thread exactly for.

    Either way, as it has been said, you can't win no matter what you do, that's why you shouldn't take the reaction you're unhappy with seriously. If anything, I like the new version of "who is online" that tells me only about posters who are active in the concrete part of the forum. Good luck in the future.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I don't know exactly what you're trying to say, and perhaps we are going off tangent, but taking your first point - the issue is not with starting this thread, there is no problem there. Feedback is fine, I've said so myself in the post above, but it's the threats and completely childish behaviour exhibited by most of you in this thread that really pisses me off.

    It's the tone that most of you use, as if the forum is yours, and it is a right for you to use it and dictate how we run it for you. I won't sit back and be criticised when so much time and effort has gone into this site - FOR YOU - and I also won't stand by and see my team moaned and abused at.

    I've said this countless times - we're not idiots, and devote alot of time to ensure that you have a forum to socialise in, so stop the whinging and moaning. Stop thinking you're the experts, as we have access to all the necessary information to ensure that we take the best decision forward, even if it doesn't please everyone.

    If that doesn't sit well with you, too bad, but we know it will sit well with the majority of our 40,000 users, and over 300,000 on the site as a whole, the vast majority of which have not whinged, or complained, or even threatened to leave to go to another Arsenal forum.

    I hope the above puts things into perspective for all of you. We of course welcome you, appreciate your patronage, but don't throw it back in our faces at every given opportunity. And last but not least, don't tell me that you're going to another forum if I don't change something for you, because when you put it that way, I don't care if you do.
  15. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    I don't feel I've said anything out of turn so I'm assuming most of your words aren't directed at my opinion on the changes.

    The multi-line date thing on the main forum pages is annoying and makes the place less desirable to use. It is only a minor problem but one that need not exist. It's come about because the forum has been narrowed and that's fine. My solution to this would be to change the clock to a 24hour clock. This would take up a couple of characters less than the current clock and therefore none of the dates would spill over. This is a rather good fix for the problem in my opinion.

    On avatars, as I've already said, I think 100x100 is a perfectly acceptable reduction to allow user expression as well as functionality. Although I would not be unhappy with 120x120 or even the avatars remaining at their current size.

    My final issue is with the alignment. I don't see why this alignment is better than the previous one as now my eyes spend less time near the adverts, which surely reduces their effectiveness?

    Anyway, keep up the good work.
  16. dodge

    dodge New Member

    Thank goodness, I missed an essay writing competition earlier in the day.

    What's the update on nuking the shrek video, Chongster?
  17. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    Jon, I have never said I would leave this site for another to begin with and I don't care about those who said that either.

    I think I agree with all the points you've made above except the whinging and moaing part. Think it's fair to say you're rightly pissed off by the reaction of some and all I was trying to say was that since nobody of us can't do anything about the change you're going to make, it would be better, at least for me, if the thread was left with the first post and locked. A lot of issues would have been solved.

    If it got locked I would probably say "oh well, you better get used to it soon" but since it was left open for replies I wanted to join the discussion and made myself look like an idiot because nobody actually cared as it had been already decided.

    Agree about the tone of the posts too but that's about it. It doesn't really matter now and I'm probably going a bit too much off the topic but If I still didn't put well enough then I never will. It has been done to death now and I don't feel the need to say something anymore. No intention to doubt anything you lot have done from my side meant, thanks for your time.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thread locked, enough has been said, and I'm hoping that I got my point across to you.

    For those of you who threatened to leave, why are you still here and reading this? The door is wide open.
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