Sol Campbell (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by omega man, Aug 14, 2004.

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  1. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

  2. Dr. Alban

    Dr. Alban New Member

    TBH I wouldn't be too surprised if this is true. Wenger suddenly sold Vieira last summer. Why not sell Campbell now?

    With Wenger talking up Johan Djourou, saying he'll come back from the World Cup as a new player, I guess he could be getting his fair share of playing time next season.
  3. Mckenna

    Mckenna Member Trusted

    *Sigh* Oh alright, I was being a bit optimistic. At least it suggests a younger but experienced player could arrive soon in defence. Once who doesn't have personal crises during a football match.
  4. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Don't be a tit.

    Curtis Davies the most likely replacment for around £4-5m, and i'll be happy with that.
  5. PhantomGooner

    PhantomGooner New Member

    Not a bad piece of business by AW.

    He wasn't too bad in the last 2 games, but he hasn't got much left in him. Now that 8 million can be put to some good use.

    If this is true, of course.
  6. el jefe

    el jefe New Member

    That would be a shockingly good piece of business. I guess he was one of the players that Arsène was referring to when he said that 2 players wanted to leave.
  7. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    i don't know. i haven't seen much of him, but isn't he just another senderos type central defender? big and strong, but a bit of a mess? poor on the ball and not what you'd call cool or composed...
  8. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Davies basically Sol Campbell when he was younger Kel.
  9. New Member

    I think Myles might be having a laugh with this one!

    I've noticed loads of Arsenal websites have been copying in the story now so he could just be having a bit of fun.

    But £8 million is pretty amazing, but would Sol go to Turkey? I find it hard to believe!

    With Henry staying now, I heard that Pires, Cole & Sol would be as well as part of Arsenal moving forward...

    But who knows!
  10. Wenger14

    Wenger14 New Member Elite

    8 Million pounds? **** that's good business indeed.
  11. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Fenerbahce's official website wouldn't have it up, if they hadn't at the very least made a bid. Myles hasn't started this himself ffs.

    And how would Pires and Sol be part of us moving forward?
  12. FenerbahceBoy

    FenerbahceBoy New Member

    he's welcome,

    can you tell us more about the skills of Sol Campell Please?

    fenerbahce Fan :)
  13. cubbz_th14

    cubbz_th14 New Member

  14. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    You keep him sane and fit mate, and he'll be good for another 2 years.

    But you HAVE to keep him sane and fit.
  15. FenerbahceBoy

    FenerbahceBoy New Member

    it says that Fenerbahce has reach an Agreement with the manager of Sol Campell,and he wil come to turkey the next week.
  16. cubbz_th14

    cubbz_th14 New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Where are those ruddy spammers when you actually need 'em hey?
  18. fanatikgunner

    fanatikgunner New Member

    No Ratinho, this is not official site. This is a site just writes news about Fenerbahce already published in the other daily papers. I haven't seen anything related to Sol from the Fenerbahce's official site (which is I'll try the translate this news for you, again this site is not official, if you check the title of the news you can see, they even write the Sol's last name wrong :)

    Here it says, after loosing the Turkish championship, Turkish cup, the coach and the club's chairman (he resigned), the news of Campbell is coming to Fenerbahce generated new excitemend thourought the fans. Fans are planning a huge welcoming ceremony for the Arsenal's worldy known star when he comes to Istanbul this week.

    Campell'e büyük karşılama

    İki kupayı, teknik direktörünü ve başkanını yitiren F.Bahçe'de yaşanan olumsuzluklara karşın yabancı transferinde gerçekleştirilen gövde gösterisi taraftarı heyecanlandırdı. İçinde bulunan kritik ortama karşın Sol Campbell'ın transfer haberi camiayı ayağa kaldırdı. Hafta içinde İstanbul'a geleceği belirtilen Arsenal'ın dünya yıldızını dört gözle bekleyen taraftarların için büyük bir karşılama töreni planladığı öğrenildi.
  19. FenerbahceBoy

    FenerbahceBoy New Member

    thanks,Our defence sucked big time last year.!

    i think that Fenerbahce will buy another defence player,its hard to trust a defence with only campell and 3 other turkish players that dont know what defence is.

    Dont you all think that maybe
    Anelka played a part of this Coming Transfer?
  20. PhantomGooner

    PhantomGooner New Member

    FenerbahceBoy, Campbell is a strong player, big-sized, with good timing in the tackle and excellent marking.

    When he's at the top of his game, that is. Recently he's been in decline. But if you can somehow get him to the top of his game, he's quality.

    And i think Curtis Davies is quality. But that was based on the only match i've seen him play, against us. He did extremely well against Henry, considering Henry is one of the top attackers on the planet and Davies is still only a kid. I certainly wouldn't mind him coming over.
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