Sol Campbell (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by omega man, Aug 14, 2004.

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  1. blueeyes_74

    blueeyes_74 New Member

    ha ha , very funny MC :wink: :wink: :wink:
  2. TheEconomist

    TheEconomist Well-Known Member

    i hope we get speculation all through the summer, really dont want to go months without hearing any new arsenal news.
  3. shaz

    shaz New Member

    if this is true, i hope we get a top quality defender to make up for it
  4. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    ah, Bollocks!

    Why hasn't he packed his bags yet? :(
  5. 1970*Gooner

    1970*Gooner Member

    Cos he ain't going anywhere :lol:
  6. [[[[hodja]]]]

    [[[[hodja]]]] New Member

    we are waiting you Fenerbahce-6alatasaray derby in Kadikoy next year...

    surely , you will change that your silly idea...
  7. smeagol

    smeagol New Member

    I'm really hopeless for this rumour. I'm a Fenerbahçe fan from ankara, and according to the last events, it seems impossible for us to see Sol in our uniform.

    fenerbahce has renewed its exixsting contract with Brasilian defender Fabio Luciano, and I think the management does not have the opportunity to manage to finance both a left defender and sol campbell...
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    aww sorry to hear the news , good luck in finding a good center back
  9. smeagol

    smeagol New Member

    also the legendary president of the republic of Fenerbahce has left us alone, and our coach Christoph Daum has also resigned.

    So, there is an ambiguity for the future of the club. we do not even konw which managemenet and coach will decide which players to be purchased.

    at the beginnig of may, many turkish newspapers wrote rumours about roberto carlos, fernando morientes and sol camplell. but i think none of them will be our players next year.
  10. Saybia

    Saybia New Member

    i still think fenerbahce is on progress
    smeagol you should remember they never let us know
    and management didn't deny sol campbell's transfer completely
    they deny that there is no such agreement with arsenal and sol campbell
    but luciano's situation confusing; there would be an explanation maybe ,fenerbahce would do 2 centre back transfer even luciano go,right now he didn't leave then they would get 1 defender i think and i hope he would be campbell
  11. Sol man

    Sol man New Member

    Sorry mate, Carlos looks Chelsea bound, Morientes & Campbell seem to be staying with their clubs. We have Cygan if you are still looking for a Defender.
  12. Slu_Wasteman

    Slu_Wasteman New Member

    How ****ing frustrating.
    This bit of news really made my day.
    Just take him away from here for Christ sakes. PLEASE.
  13. Dr. Alban

    Dr. Alban New Member

    Fenerbahçe seek to prise Campbell from Arsenal

    SOL CAMPBELL, THE ARSENAL defender, was last night said to be mulling over an offer to join Fenerbahçe. Officials from the Turkish side are rumoured to have met Campbell’s agent, Sky Andrew, at the Champions League final in Paris last Wednesday to discuss a three-year contract worth £70,000 a week.

    The 31-year-old England international still has three years left on his contract at Arsenal but the club may be willing to let him leave on a free transfer if Fenerbahçe are prepared to take on his £3 million-a-year contract.

    For free? That's a pretty different story from the £8m...
  14. portFbl@nd

    portFbl@nd New Member

    it's just on hold..

    he's ready to sign for fenerbahce believe me..

    reliable sources..
  15. Dr. Alban

    Dr. Alban New Member

    I just can't figure out why a mentally fragile mummy's boy like Sulzeer would like to go a foreign country like Turkey - no disrespect. A completely different culture, a completely different language, a completely different football game.

    Then again, there's a lot about Sol's mental state I cannot quite understand.
  16. Slu_Wasteman

    Slu_Wasteman New Member

    Meaning if they where to take on the same OTT wage bill from us, he'd go on a free, although if big pathetic bastard where to agree to lower his new wages, it'd bag us that eight trillion.
  17. portFbl@nd

    portFbl@nd New Member

    maybe turkey is different but not istanbul..

    ask ur friends about istanbul..

    it's like newyork.. even faster..

    and no worries that we'll take good care of him..
  18. smeagol

    smeagol New Member

    probably the majority of fenerbahçe supporters are still optimistic about this issue. i do not want to bother the fans of arsenal with the irrelevant issues about a completely different team, and i will try to inform you about the athmosphere in Turkey.

    the final situation is that the admisitrators of fenerbahçe have told that the transfer sudies have been stopped for one week, until the coah will be determined. so, at least for one week, we can not say anything surely. but yes, tehere are any people in turkey who thinh that fenerbahçe will have two foreign center backs, fabio luciano and another transfer, hopefully, sol...
  19. smeagol

    smeagol New Member

    that's in fact the reoson of the unrealistically high price taht has been discussed. you may think that sol does not worth 12 million euros, but there are really huge negative prejudice about turkey. for instance nicolas anelka has stated taht the athmospher and people in turkey are not like the ones in "the midnight express" for at least ten times.

    also, some stars like sol may think that it is a dramatic decline in their career to fall down to the turkish league from one of the best leagues of the world. they are right of course, people may consider that it is an indicator of a decline in anelka's and appiah's career to be playing in turkey.

    so, for these reasons, fenerbahce has to pay a bit more than the amount that any premier league club may offer. so, if we take into account that sol is one of the best salaried players on earth (http://sport.independent.co.uk/football/news/article548933.ece), you may understand the reason of my pessimism.
  20. I like Sol but for 8 million that would be a great bit of business for us.
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