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Squad Analysis 23/24


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Haven’t seen a thread for this yet for the upcoming season. If one exists, mods please feel free to delete/merge

For the first time in a long time the squad is capable of being able to cover the different systems/profiles of player that Arteta wants to play. Other than a slight weakness up front and cover for Saka we are looking strong


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I don't think anyone can argue that this is the strongest squad since 2004.

All positions are well covered, deadwood has no chance of playing anymore, and the last questionable starting player left the club this summer.

When players like Trossard, Zinchenko, Havertz, and Jorginho sit on the bench, you can tell we're good


Looking ahead to the next transfer windows, what do people think would be new pieces that could make the club even stronger? Bring in a striker like Toney? The versatility of many of our players means there are now very few gaps at the starting and backup levels.


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Looking ahead to the next transfer windows, what do people think would be new pieces that could make the club even stronger? Bring in a striker like Toney? The versatility of many of our players means there are now very few gaps at the starting and backup levels.

I’d argue that we should go for Toney in Jan if we are allowed to. He’d give us a completely different dimension and already has the link up with Raya.


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We have some people surplus to requirements ,both on the forum but more importantly in the squad. Trim the bushes, as Farzad always propagates. Expect Tierney, Holding, Flo, Nuno and Cedric to be moved on.


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We still need another transitional winger with pace and 1v1 ability. Nelson is hardly reliable due to injury proneness.

We still need a Box 2 Box midfielder.

Striker - sell both Nketiah and Balogun and get Toney in January.


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If you look at our defense, other than City, not sure anyone comes close in terms of depth an quality. Assuming Cedric and Tavares are both definitely off, that leaves us with:
CB: Saliba, Gabriel, Kiwi, White, Timber, Tomi, He who shall not be named and even Rice in a pinch.
RB: White, Timber, Tomi
LB: Zinny, Timber, Tierney, Kiwi, Tomi

That's about as good as it gets in world football.


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People are being too extreme in their wish to cull the squad. Players like Tierney and Balogun are crucial to have around as cover - we basically lost our chance at the title through lack of depth last season. We need to be in a position where even with long term injuries (and there will be at least a couple this season to key players) we don't look super thin in those positions e.g. relying solely on Eddie last season when Jesus was injured, or glass Tierney when Zinchenko was injured.

In my opinion we should only sell the players we actively wouldn't want to see on the pitch for us, and are unlikely to improve much in future.

Holding, Cedric, Tavares, Lokonga, Marquinhos, Pepe.

25 man squad:
Keeper: Ramsdale, Raya
LB: Zinchenko, Tierney (Kiwior)
RB: Timber, Tomiyasu, (White)
CB: Saliba, Gabriel, White, Kiwior (Tomiyasu, Timber)

CM: Partey, Rice, Havertz, Jorginho, Elneny

RW: Saka, Nelson.
LW: Martinelli, Trossard
10: Ødegaard, Vieira.
FW: Jesus, Balogun, Eddie

Cover across forward line and midfield: Havertz, Smith Rowe.


Timber, White, Kiwior and Tomiyasu are incredibly flexible across defence and White could potentially do the DM job too.

Jorginho and Elneny are good depth at CM - I'd be reluctant to sell Elneny as we start to look thin with a couple of injuries in midfield, especially if Arteta chooses to play Havertz further forward. He is a cheap option to keep, can do a job, and seems happy to stick around even if he doesn't play much.

Havertz, Jesus, Trossard and Martinelli are highly capable in pretty much any of the forward positions. Smith Rowe's position is unclear to me but again can potentially replace injured players in multiple positions. Given Jesus's injury history I'd strongly prefer to keep Balogun and Eddie - after a Jesus injury we start looking very thin at CF without both Balogun and Eddie. At the very least they can play in the League cup and easier FA cup fixtures to rest Jesus and reduce injury chances.

I'm really really happy with the squad we have. Certainly second best in the league after City and so many young players who will keep improving as time moves on. We finally have good depth!

A better option than Nelson at RW would be nice but we run into the problem of finding a better player who wants to join the club to be a backup to Saka. So I think Nelson/ESR and the option of using Havertz or another flexible forward there is enough. Some kind of box-box midfielder instead of Jorginho would be nice too as someone mentioned above (but who could we get?).
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My squad analysis...


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With everyone fit, what’s our strongest starting XI?

I’m so interested to see everyone’s teams.


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White Saliba Gabriel Timber
Partey Rice
Saka Ødegaard Martinelli
No inverted fullback etc, just old school 4231.

I think the answer to who’s out best 11 is nuanced. There’s not one right answer.

But for when we’re facing big teams like City - I think you’ve nailed it. This is the team I want against City this season.

I’d say there’s a different best 11 for weaker teams or teams who park the bus though.


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What I am liking is the amount of control that we are playing with (even if we are not at our eye-catching best just yet).

The options off the bench add to this too. Perhaps we can move the ball a bit quicker in the final third but we have still dominated both games we have played so far


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Do we have a reliable RW or will Teta actually play Saka for 70 matches this season?


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I think the squad is too bloated. First two games we had Nelson, ESR and Vieira on the bench and so far none of them got a minute yet. There is no Europa league games these guys can play. So they won’t start CL games either. Two of them can be replaced by one player that the manager actually trusts to get in the team. And all those 3 guys are behind trossard as first sub. When Jesus comes back they are even pushed down more

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