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Squares, circles and triangles : The 2023/24 statistic thread

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We need a lot more from Saka. Mind you the biggest ball progressers in the league are all wingers.

We have Saliba, Rice and White in this game here with Martinelli of course. So we were lacking contribution from Saka in this regard. But Newcastle are very good defensive team and it might be that they focused more on closing down on our right flank.

Country: Iceland
This seems to be an ongoing problem. We are able to dominate teams for large periods of time, but we come with little to nothing to show for it.

There is a layer of directness and cutting edge that we have been missing more or less all season.

Yes, we both seem to be very bad this season shooting and finding a good final ball.

We have been taking some terrible shoots from outside and while Nketiah movement in the box should be of high quality it has not been there this season.


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Already conceded 10 goals this season. If we are in for the title, we can’t really conceded more than 25 goals for the rest of the season.

Need to really get a few clean sheets in the upcoming games.


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Szoboszlai 😳

Yeah tht shocked me, I always assumed he was quite slow. He's the only central midfielder on there, so maybe his acceleration isn't as impressive. Otherwise why isn't he a creative wideman lol
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