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Takehiro Tomiyasu: He Comes From Japan, He's Better Than Varane


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3rd time lucky 🤞


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We desperately needed a RB this summer so I'm happy we've got one. Like what I've been reading about him today so hopefully he can be the answer. I like that he's very experienced in different European leagues at only 22.

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All I know about him is he’s an FM gem.

@yousif_arsenal an avid Serie A watcher as you are, a quick summary?
good 1v1 good with his feets good in the air can play very accurate long passes hard to get past with pace. offensively won't contribute much he similar to Wan-Bissaka imo very promising signing if he keep what he done at Bologna then 15M will look like a steal.

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None of the Japanese players we have had in the past can be remotely called a success. Always a first time, I suppose.

Any idea if he speaks English? I think that's been a problem before.

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