Takehiro Tomiyasu: He Comes From Japan, He's Better Than Varane

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Loved his attacking run for Laca's goal. After a nice 1-2 near the beginning of the move, Saka goes outside like a touchline winger, Tomiyasu inverts and drives towards the box drawing the defense and creating an overload. Saka picks out Laca with a great pass and then finish. It was very effective and decent full back play.
I actually wondered who the new midfielder was when I watched highlights! He's been pretty good all round so far.


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I think he could one day become a manager. He just understands the game. I hope he plays in midfield one day too.


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I think he could one day become a manager. He just understands the game. I hope he plays in midfield one day too.
You kight be on to something. Clearly a humble and intelligent guy.

Found an interesting bit on Reddit where he addressed Ben White rarely passing to him:

Uchida: It caused quite a stir in Japan that Ben White wouldn’t pass the ball to you, with people wondering why he kept doing that. Did you feel that way as well?

Tomiyasu: Tanaka Ao (player of Fortuna Düsseldorf and Japan national team) also asked me about that, and the two of us came to the conclusion that it is because Ben White is a good player. Often, passes from the centre back to the side backs become “pressure passes” (in which you get caught by the opponent’s press and risk being dispossessed). I play centre back too, and simple passes to the side backs are actually the last option I consider. If the side back is in an interchanging position (with player facing him) I will play the pass, but if the winger is right in front, you’ll end up caught by the press. So we came to the conclusion that Ben White is a good player who doesn't play passes that put you under pressure.

EDIT: You've posted the same bit at the same time lol.

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Seriously, this MF, would it kill him to overlap and help out Saka just once? I get its a system thing, but have some in game awareness and know when to vary it up. Saka is constantly having to beat 2 players.

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