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Takehiro Tomiyasu: He Comes From Japan, He's Better Than Varane


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Does anyone suspect Tomiyasu’s injuries are related to his size? You don’t really see fullbacks of height, and I wonder if the extra running is affecting him. I’m not a physiotherapist but I’m sure someone on here with the suitable knowledge can enlighten us.


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Whats the update on him? How bad is his injury? Not in the team vs the blues. Will be missed. Such a warrior


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Sigh. Hope it isn't another recurring lay off. Will be very bad for him personally to miss wc as well

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Good to hear still him being in world cup still without being 100% fit is worry the only good news is Japan don't think they'll go beyond last of 16


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You are all about to see a stone cold G in action, Tomiyasu steps up when he puts on that blue shirt. And I’m not just saying that cos I got Japan in the work sweepstake.

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