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Takehiro Tomiyasu: Tak Is Bak

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Good thing Ben White is getting a paid trip to Qatar to shag about and sit on the bench.

Also thank Wales for stopping Zinchenko from getting ran into the ground by Ukraine right now.


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...man was so determined to help me get 3 points in the Superbru, will love him until I die 🥲
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Jesus inconsolable and out for three months, Tomi so distraught he wants to forget about football and only possibly returning to Arsenal, White having to go home after a family tragedy, the WC is leaving Arsenal in the mud.


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Country: Northern Ireland

Thinking about his performance.v Croatia, I thought he was good.

He hilarious chucked the ball out for a goal kick, then slipped which give Croatia a chance which was cleared...but.recovered well after a dodgy first 5 mins.

Good passing out from the back, won some headers and tackles...the Croatian goal was a superb header, sometimes you just gotta say fair play.

Good that he wants to be better though, shows a great mentality... hopefully he's not digging himself out too much though, that would be a worry.

Considering he went into this tournament not at full fitness, after the pain of defeat subsides in the next few days, I feel he can be proud of his performances.

If Japan can develop a ruthless edge upfront, they could be a decent dark horse in 2026.
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