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Takehiro Tomiyasu: Tak Is Bak


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So err, we gonna talk about Tomi? He's still got some crazy world cup hangover... needs to snap out of it sharpish. We KNOW he has the ability but he just seems broken now :(
He did some interviews about how he was devastated by his WC performances.

It’s a confidence issue, but he is a quality player and will bounce back! Hopefully sooner rather than later.


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Yes did much better job than white. Really happy we have fit just in case like today. Top player


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Honestly didn't feel like he did better than White. The first 1v1 he got put in a spliff by Rashford. After that we started dominating so Rashford wasn't able to do much anyway.


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Yeah I kinda feel like this will be the last of him at fullback. He looks more stiff than ever. I think he’ll be a full time CB.


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Bold move by Arteta. Was bit rusty after all the injuries..but did well, so good in the air. I'll back him to get back to his best, injuries permittin.


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He was so good. Huge improvement on White's first half.

Honestly he offers us very different things from RB. He opens up alot of passing lanes and supports Saka much better. Very solid and pocketed Rashford totally.


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I forget that i very much preferred Tomiyasu ahead of white before his injury. Wonder if he will challenge him again since White has performed very well in his absence.
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