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Takuma Asano

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he celebrates like a lion, Özil likes lions.
Bring him home already.


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Totally believable. Another attempt to get more Asian supporters. Anything over £7m is too much for this guy though.


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Such a big fan of this player, he's the missing piece of the puzzle. Great signing Wenger!



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Relax everybody. He'll be signing a new and improved contract from Hiroshima shortly. Just after the Japan u-23s finish their game with South Africa.


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Fair point I guess.
Well Wenger better be right if this is the signing, because it's quite a risk. That would mean money aside for another big player though?

We won't be sure until we find out what the purpose of Asano is. He's a project, that's for sure, but how much of one he is is up in the air.


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He did score 17 goals in the equivalent of 22.33 90's and assisted 7 last year. Does that mean *anything* in the Japanese league? Possibly not but he's no Yaya Sanogo.
He's pretty short though.


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Wenger might have a great eye for spotting talent...but of late his ability to nurture talent has been dire.

Walcott, Ramesy, Ox, Chambers, Gibbs? all regressed under Wenger (ramesy had a good 3 months and went back to being bang average again).

For me Wenger doesn't develop the right mentality in players, they all tend to be mentality weak. All the young players that have gone on to succeed at Arsenal had always had that mental toughness inbuilt.

Bellerin is a great example of that.

I think had some of these players been nutured under Fergie, they'ed be a different animal.


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Scored the 3rd and 5th goal to complete Japan's comeback vs South Korea. Very nice finishes, he's not a finals bottler! ;)
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