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Tales from the RAWK side

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Some points are making are spot on about you need to be perfect all season to compete with likes of city. But some of them giving up already is ridiculous i wish we have team and manager like Liverpool every game is fun.


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Worrying that we’ve spent 4 points from our 20 point reserve, hopefully we can regain 6 points so we’re up to 22 points. Man City have a bank of minus 4 points though so if they lose more points, a negative plus a negative is a positive. So ideally we need them to keep winning, it’d be annoying to see them increase that bank by losing games. If we take their average points total of the last two seasons, add our 20 point bank, delete their bank, and then maybe see if Arsenal or Sp**s have a bank that we can borrow, then we can drop 24 more points.

The sending off? Nunez got played and fell for it. He'll learn here though, and be all the better for it.

Their 'man' going down like a bag of ****e? Absolutely pathetic. He should be ashamed of himself, but is no doubt patting himself on the back instead. A pathetic professional.

Nunez missed three clear cut chances even before he lost his head. Looks out of place as a starter in this team. Heroic by everyone else though, we dominated even with a player less.

He looked a ****ing donkey tonight.

But i haven’t seen him outside of what he produced against us which was clinical as hell.

I’m hoping he’s just snatching as I think he’s struggling mentally; wants it too much, too gee’d up….and he does social media.

Palace player made the most of it, but honestly you can't ****ing be doing that. Specially when we're 1 down.

If a push like that winds him up that much he's gonna get ****ed in the premier league.

Typical though. Cleanest team in the league do one thing and get punished.

Others get away with murder. Needs to be told you don't get away with anything in a Liverpool shirt.

Stick it in the net not on the defender Darwin


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@Oxeki doing RAWK meltdowns now?


Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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They having meltdown because they drew 2 games? 💀. You just won 2 trophies and gone to CL final last season.

I only agree one thing with them is they need new signings klopp acting some broke a**.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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New signings is your answer to everything you junkie.
Look at thier team yesterday Henderson Milner and Nat Phillips. They only need 1 midfielder and they'll be fine they have injury prone players. This league force you to make signings it's competitive


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool
This season just gives you one of those feelings. That we're going to massively struggle, that Núñez was the wrong purchase at the wrong time, that certain players look shot and/or have lost that bit of spark and that we're carrying a few players that shouldn't be playing due to sentiment.

If we don't pull our finger out and purchase a midfielder we'll be fortunate to finish within 25 points of City this season.
****e that.
What a crock of ****,

Half the players didn't even bother and the rest were terrible.
Nothing to say.

We've managed to break our team somehow.

Lost to these pricks of all the teams.
A level worse than dogshit that I haven't seen from us in a long, long time. Depressing.
Bloody hell.

That was ****ing dire.
Certainly not a midfielder out there that will help us more than Milner/Hendo combo will over the next 12 months….

****ing ****e that.
That was ****e.

The players have checked out so I'll do the same. When Elliot and Carvalho are the only ones not bottling challenges the season is done.
Wake me up when it's over please, absolutely dreadful.
2pts from a possible 9. Against sides we should be beating. We have walked into this mess with our eyes wide open
Bring on the toxicity!

Was hard work watching Milner lumber about unable to keep up.

But so many let the side down tonight, including some that have been for a good few seasons, our very best players.
The most worrying thing is I'm not even surprised by the result or the performance. What a **** month.
Dreadful. Gutless. Abject.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Everton 0-0 Liverpool
Well that was turbo ****.
This is going to be a long season.
I hate everything to do with that pathetic club
Fair result to be fair.

T-Rex decided to have a good game.
Eugh. League is done this season. The club just haven’t planned to compete.
We won’t be challenging for the league this year let’s be honest.
How are we so **** all of a sudden
Fist pumps to celebrate a draw
Good bye league title, hello top 4 scrap. There’s nothing to be positive about. They get a point in a battle to avoid relegation and we look worse game on game. Diaz can hold his head high at least. Great signing. We’ll need a lot more next summer. Nunez looks so far short of what we need it is scary.
Getting top 4 will be a struggle
Pickford acting like he just won the world cup.
Short arms playing a rare blinder saves the ****e from defeat.
But drawing against a team of that "quality" is terrible. Our form this season is now worryingly consistent.
Grim that it's looking like another top four finish this season. I expect us to improve with players back but we look levels below where we can be

Marco Silva, Veiera, the bald c*nt at Man U and now Frank Lampard have all taken points from us. Dress it any way you like but it's just awful that.
We just don’t seem to have that spark anymore

Carvalho was invisible

Good that Jota’s back… Just need Thiago back

****ing hell Pickford isn’t humble at all…
No shape or any clear plan what we are doing. It is all over the place. We'll be lucky to get top four
Milner still getting a serious game time in 2022 is laughable.

Draw is probably all we deserved here. Top 4 will be a dog fight.
Battle for top 4. Can forget the title. This teams needed a massive refresh in the summer and the manager hasn’t been backed to do so while we lost a key player in the process.
We were never scoring today.

Looks like we aren't interested in winning tackles any more as almost every 50/50 we back out of. We used to win them and then be able to counter. Not anymore.

We haven't even played a good team yet either.
When does Salah return from AFCON?
How have we become ****e basically overnight?

Looks like the end of an era, surprised it came so soon.
Is there something wrong with Pickford. He seems to be unhinged

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