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Tales from the RAWK side


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Brighton 3-0 Liverpool
Well…we’re ****ed.
Entirely expected, which is the grim thing.

Drastic changes needed.
Oh dear that was bad.

Matip can **** off.
Just like we all feared before the game. Absolutely horrendous stuff with the same problems we've seen for months on end ****ing us over.

Thought we might sneak it at half time but it was just delusional fan glasses on. We were outclassed by a superior team.
The result and performance that everyone but the blind optimists saw coming. We're a mess.

Feels more like the Stoke 6-1 than the Villa 7-2. The Villa game was a freak result, Stoke the last whimper of a broken team.
Great legacy FSG are leaving.
Sometime you think a wake up call is needed, but this has been the standard of performance this season. Today has just been a clearer/another humiliation.
Absolutely disgusting. there must be major action taken to address this situation.

That midfield is a shambles.
A lot of these players really throwing away their credit built up over the past few seasons. Manager too

Just abject
****ing pathetic that. Can't run, tackle or pass at the moment

Go on about transfers all you want, but this team is so much better than this and its on everyone at the club that they are performing so timidly. Don't even want to fight at the moment
Honestly don't know where we go from here. It's a complete mess.

Anyone blaming this solely on the midfield or a lack of investment into it is dumb as **** as well.
Absolutely disgraceful.

I switched off at 2 - 0 couldn't stomach it any more. If there were effort & application well okay then but what I watched there for 60 minutes was a set of players and a manager that have thrown in the towel.

They've given up. Inexcusable.
Reckon Jurgen might walk
We're a cloud of a team. A football vapour aimlessly drifting around a pitch.
We aren't winning a game until March I don't think. Even Everton at home I'm not certain which says it all.
Laughably bad and predictable. Definition of insanity and all that.
Thoroughly outplayed. Men against boys. I feel bad for the boys and Jurgen.
Where once there was Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool is now an unrecognizable and nameless void.
Embarrassing. Season is done. Need Klopp to at least start giving starts to players who might play for us long term.
How do we fix this bar an arab takeover and massive transfer spend ?
Way too many times now for this to be a blip.

End of the road for this incredible version of LFC.

Not sure where we go from here now. The whole thing needs switching up.


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea
The difference is that the Chelsea XI that started today may never start together again and they've got a **** ton of new signings to look forward to while Jurgen is being relegated to working with scraps.
Utter dross
Reasons to be Hopeful Today #2 - by the evening, Everton could be bottom.....
Predictable. Dreadful game from two out of form teams.
Gah that was ****ing awful. Look like a team starting from scratch.
Wow we suck
2 struggling sides play out a poor draw that benefits neither of them. Tale as old as time.

Better than last weekend but that's an incredibly low bar to clear.
God how absolutely dire and depressing.

Salah is a passenger nowadays.
Stopped the rot which is all we can do with FSG not willing to invest.
Well done to anyone who stayed awake for the full game. Great effort.
That was ****ing dire.
Woeful but that's us now sadly. Last season was great but the sport moves quickly and we are currently a really poor side with seemingly little ambition from the ownership to change that.
Any game where Milly is our best player is a huge red flag to our current form.

But definitely not our worst performance of the season, baby steps and all that.
Hard to believe that was two recent CL winners. Awful game. Not sure there were any positives to take from that really.
Hard to believe that was two recent CL winners. Awful game. Not sure there were any positives to take from that really.
Woof. They could've played a year and still wouldn't score.

We're in trouble.
Mid table clash, mid table performances.

Awful game, two poor teams at the minute.

Slightly better than the incoherent mess we were a few weeks ago, but still miles away from what we were before then.
Awful game between two lousy teams overseen by a shocking referee. Still, could be worse, could be an Evertonian.
This may be the game that has convinced me we won't finish in the top four, particularly since we'll do nothing else in the transfer window.
El ****tico lived up to its name. 2 awful teams slogging it out for who’s fell further off a cliff

Sapient Hawk

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Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

El Sh*tico is more of a common occurrence than some might think. Whenever Sp**s are involved, it technically qualifies as El Sh*itico because they almost always bring the other team down to their level :lol:
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Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Brighton 2-1 Liverpool
Ah crap....

Was looking forward to the replay.

Didn't really deserve to lose that....
Good first half, absolute shocker of a second half.
Can't say I'm surprised. Bring on Real Madrid
Terrible and no signs of improvement
Now we lose games where we score first as well!

**** this season. **** it to hell and back then **** it some more.
Sick of Brighton.
No Trossard, no Caicedo, no Lallana and we still can't beat them. Jeez
Still don't understand why our front 3 played the way they did. If Gakpo was bought to be the no.9, then why buy Nunez in the summer when we also have Diaz in the squad? Nonsensical throughout. At least, we weren't played off the pitch this time.
Scored first, so at least you can't say it's same old, same old!
More of the same rubbish. We are so so poor at the moment. Very predictable the whole thing.
About sums it up. And those saying we didn't deserve it need to look at the stats. They had more shots on target, more possession, more corners, more everything basically. We were awful in the second half.

Also Mitoma is better than anything we currently have.
FSG aren't responsible for how ****e this group of players are. Some of them should be embarrassed at how much they're getting paid for the absolute ****e they produce week in week out.
We had about 8 midfielders on today and everyone of the, was ****e
That game was there for the taking second half and we even got away with a potential couple of red cards and still shut the bed
We are back to 2016 in terms of rebuilding this team
Played adequately for 80 minutes. What followed was one of the worst spells of football I've ever seen from us.
Deserved to lose. May as well have packed up and ****ed off at half time.
Forward play is terrible

Can lie to ourselves all we want
3 weeks until Madrid

Then focus on the league

Hope Bellingham still wants to join

Firminho, Diaz and Jota - oh and a midfield
How has our form gotten so much worse AFTER the world cup? A lot of the lads had a long break.
Oh well. Bring on 2025.
Well we have gone from total ****e to bang average, so I guess that is improvement.
Things always look worse than they are in these situations but my god we are a genuinely awful side at the moment. I get excited by a plucky 30mins away to Brighton missing their best player.
It will come good you bunch of p*ssies! A solid first half to build upon at least, miles away from the last time we played them. I think one thing this period has made clear, Fabinho is finished here, woeful cameo.

In the long term more of a break from playing will probably be good for the players. Just need to focus on the champs league and top 4 now.
Don’t think anyone expected us to win that but it’s really worrying just how bad some are performing. Beaten by the better team.
Is there any other sport to keep us busy until next season?


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Wolves 3-0 Liverpool
Thank god that’s over. Enjoy yourselves in the FT thread those who live for this.

Yes we were dreadful but tomorrows another day.
As bad as it gets really… hopefully
Worse than brighton? Might be.

We are heading nowhere, if we finish above 10th I will be amazed.
Thought we showed signs of life in the second half, so that'll keep me warm till next week.
Hopefully Klopp realises a massive clear out is needed in the summer.
Should have been 4.

Don't know how this gets turned around.
****ing ****e by a load of ****ing ****e. At 2-0 Darwin has to bury that, how many chances does the guy need?

Gomez again with a stupid error because he is ****ing ****e.

Can anyone be bothered with this season ? Everyone at the club has given up what's the point of even watching this ****e anymore.
So bad

The squad has left Kloppo down. **** off majority of you.
Completely unacceptable. The players have either given up on themselves or the manager or both. We might be sucked into a relgation battle if we continue. Not even joking.
They should all be given cold showers, bent over and whipped with a hose.
Wolves were crap but we are the easiest team to play against. Will gift you goals early doors, can't score a goal and don't want to compete

The state of some of the senior players is a joke now, just do your ****ing jobs
My bed is soaking wet. It's not my fault, it's a condition!
One of the worst results in our history along with the Brighton one a couple of weeks now. We are an awful side now.
Team is finished. There doesn’t seem anyone or anyway back for the current crop of players. If Klopp can’t get them working no one can.
Fall off is spectacular. We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to really build and push on from a position of strength but the ownership wasn’t interested. A fish rots from the head.
Gomez, Matip, Fabinho, Henderson, Robertson, and Keita all need to be shifted during the summer. The jury is still out on Gakpo and Nunez but it looks like we've spent that money very poorly at the moment. There is so much to do you just have to wonder how we've got here.
****houses. **** them all. Mass clear out in the summer.
We're one of the worst teams in the league at the moment

This goes beyond just needing a few new players and a refresh. There's 5 or 6 players starting every week that just aren't ****ing trying any more and it's unacceptable.

Half this squad threw the towel in before Xmas. Cowardly.
The club is rotting from the top so naturally we are seeing it on the pitch too. These owners need to go and now!
My goodness. Do they have TV streams in Boston? Do they care?
Ah another weekend ruined!
That was atrocious. They were ****ing toying with us in injury time. Absolutely humiliating.
3-0 down against one of the worst teams in the division. Should've been 4 if it wasn't for Alisson. Then watching them "ole" us for 2 minutes to end the match.
Terrible. Players seem to have downed tools for the season. It’s almost as if when they saw the lack of recruitment they decided to throw the towel in and save themselves.

God, I hope no one is still defending the lack of spending on midfielders.

Anyone think Liverpool are going to get anything out of Everton next week?
Bellingham will solve our problems


Active Member
Wolves 3-0 Liverpool
Apart from enjoying their misery, it's always interesting to see the different areas a fanbase will put their blame when things stop going their way.

A poor season and it's the manager, the players, the owners, the mindset, etc., depending on who you ask.

Almost like results are a complicated matter!


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Liverpool 2-5 Real Madrid
Completely and utterly humiliated.
Just when the team had started to rebuild their fragile confidence in the last couple of games this happens.

It's sad to see these players, so many of whom were part of one of our greatest ever sides, reduced to this. What an utter humiliation.
And it started so well.
Look on the bright side, one day we’ll all be dead.
Disgusting. We are sooo bad cant even describe it in words
How the **** do you lose 5-2 after being 2-0 up? Thought we turned a corner but we’ve been embarrassed and humbled here. Just shows up our squad deficiencies.
Tried to fight fire with fire with a much inferior team. It happened by design and could have happened Saturday.
Sort of unlucky, sort of absolute dogshit all at the same time. Grim.
Difference between CL and Europa Conference unfortunately.
Embarrassing is the only word that covers that. Gomez absolutely horrendous.
More or less what was expected. The recent two victories probably gave some a false sense of confidence.

They’re a different class to us and they showed it. Not much else to say.
Out of our depth in a tournament we had designs on winning 6 months ago.

Even if we scrape 4th, we're miles behind.
Disgusting to get into that position and end up in THAT position, absolutely disgraceful. And it wasn’t difficult, they didn’t do anything special. We just watched it happen
Taught a footballing lesson by a vastly superior side. There's no shame in that.
This must be how Porto feel
Not good but **** me never seen such a spawny team as them
Well, that didn't exactly go to plan.

Sad to see this ignominious end to one of greatest ever sides.
I’m not saying that we can’t go and score 3 goals at the Bernabeu, but we sure aren’t keeping a clean sheet
Do we have to play the second leg?
The lack of investment is now turning us into a laughing stock.
Well played FSG, well played.
Humiliating. They're just so much better than us.
Anyone THAT surprised really? We all went into this worrying about our midfield and defence
magine having to bring on Milner and Matip to change a game when 5-2 down

Embarrassing. **** off FSG!

Buzzing for all the Insta posts though. “Not our night tonight reds” “we know we needs to do better guys!” “We will then this around Reds!”
All in all, a good first half and ****e second half.

Hate those c*nts.

Umm, roll on 23/24 season!


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Crystal Palace 0-0 Liverpool
Glad I watched that. Cracking game.
Worst game of the season between two **** sides. Nice one lads.
Well least we didn't lose, bout the only positive from the game.
Klopp's subs have been absolutely baffling all season. Taking Gakpo and Jota off takes the absolute piss.
That was bleak. You'd struggle to find a team in this league in worse form than Palace and we still couldn't beat them.

What little confidence we had rebuilt before Madrid has been completely shattered. It's going to be a long 3 months until the end of the season.
This team is very bad.
We didn't lose!
We haven't got a clue really, have we?

The same patterns of play over and over again, with the opposition having a counter attack every 2 minutes when we inevitably lose the ball.
**** me. That was a painful watch. WTF has happened to us?
That was like watching 2 middle aged fellas who've just got home from a pub session try and remember how to play a game of FIFA.
We need a ****ing exorcism.
Awful game of football. Fabinho's cameo was hilarious, just kicked everyone near him.
Only one side trying to win that game. And the fact that Palace are so angry it was blown up tells you everything.

****ing pathetic. Sell every single one of them.
We don’t deserve fourth

Awful again
Not sure if 2 new midfielders is going to fix this.
We're still ****
Well, we are 1 point closer to safety.
Absolutely disgusting performance from an bang average mid table joke of a team
A game everyone will forget ever took place once we wake up tomorrow. Bored to death.
Good result. Any game we we don't lose is a good result as we don't have a midfield.
We’re so slow. Even when we subbed the slow players off, even slower players came on.

Heavy metal football indeed.
Garbage from beginning to end. As beat as any of the defeats.
Hanging on against Palace. Decline seems terminal, not sure how anyone fixes this.
Oh and don't make the mistake I did of going on Twitter during a game.

Bunch of ****ing children calling for Klopp to be sacked. Frighteningly most of them seemed to be from Liverpool as well


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Bournemouth 1-0 Liverpool
Just when you think you’ve got out of it….

Bad, very bad
Not sure there are any words strong enough for how bad that was. No quality, no ideas, no fight. We got exactly what we deserved.

Never mind, Andy will be along in a moment to say we actually played well and that we're all entitled dickheads anyway for expecting us to beat bottom of the league Bournemouth.
I hate football
**** off... weekend ruined before it's even started.
Disgusting display that, another new low. Not a chance are we getting top 4, none of the teams going for it are any good but we are a special brand of woeful this season, we just aren't gonna do enough to get above any of them. Used to be easy for us to turn defecits around now it's absolutely depressing knowing at half time there's not a chance we'll do it.

Fair play to Bournemouth, outclassed us and hopefully the points help keep them up.
****ing load of c*nts, the lot of them.
Salah owes me 20 quid.
It’s the hope that kills you
Mentality midgets.
Bring back Lineker
Toothless performance, awful result. Back to the drawing board.
What a ****ing embarrassment.

Klopp does not know how to win these games at all. Just put a random bunch of players out there and hope it works. Last week was totally pointless.
Utterly embarrassing that. So many of those players didn’t look up for a battle the minute Bournemouth raised their game. All season, it’s just taken a team to put up a fight and we **** the bed.
Why are we usually so terrible at early kickoffs? It's not like the time is a last-minute surprise
Can always rely on Liverpool to ruin your weekend. Absolutely ****ing gut wrenching the way we went about this game resulting in absolutely avoidable loss, I can't be arsed to hold any interest anymore, players just don't care do they.
Well done Bournemouth is all I can say. On the plus side, it puts Everton into more trouble.
I guess sucking each other's dicks all week wasn't the best preparation after all.
Might as well focus on ensuring Everton go down from now on.
Lovren at his worst wouldn’t have been as bad as Van Dijk was today, disgraceful performance.
****in BBC!
Did this happen or will it not count because of Linekergate? I'm assuming the latter.
Should've had money on it, doesn't get any more predictable.

Get that Milner extension signed!
Ah, I see we're still ****ing **** then. Absolute banter club.

****ing embarrassing some of the sides we've lost to this season.
Bournemouth are just too good. You can't expect us to compete against that quality, especially on their home pitch.

We'll fare better against a weaker side like Real Madrid.
Looking forward to a summer of hearing how we can't afford anyone because of no CL football


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool
Unless he was injured, taking Nunez off was a joke. Akin to throwing in the towel for me that.

Death, taxes and losing to Real Madrid. It's inevitable
****ing depressing.
Outfought, outfoxed, outclassed.

New spine needed, genuinely feels like 5 new starters is a minimum.

The players just didn't seem arsed at all, just **** off. Feel for the traveling fans as they got ripped off.
That was like watching a wake.
Gutless second half performance. This team is done at the top level. Needs major investment
We did okay today but 6-2 aggregate looks pathetic for a club like ours.
Thats us done with the CL for a while probably. Very strange subs. Grim
We're just **** from top to bottom.

And the subs yet again. Jesus Christ.
Can Klopp kick the **** out of Konate and Van Dijk? Thanks.
Eeek.. 14/15 vibes. Major re-structuring required... big job, but Klopp is up for it.
Can we save the last minute time wasting subs until we are actually ****ing winning? Thanks.
Not great tonight but it was the first leg that killed us, 6-2 flatters them despite them being the better team over 180 mins
They’re playing you’ll never walk alone for us after decimating us again, I feel violated
The most pathetic, cowardly performance I've seen from a Jurgen Klopp side. Turned up beaten. Absolutely ****ing pathetic. Truly the end of an era, it's over, over to you our lord and saviour, John W Henry
Yeah unless FSG pull their ****ing finger out, we're done for. This team has experienced the highest of highs and it now starting to show its age. Without significant investment, we will go back to 2011 level. Klopp cannot keep working miracles.
Madrid didn't need to get out of 3rd gear and we can't even reach 3rd gear anymore.
I know confidence is low, but FFS that was ****e and there were some cowards out there.
Possibly the most pathetic performance I've ever watched. What was the point in even turning up there? No effort whatsoever
Bit ****, multiplied to being absolute **** on the back of that Bournemouth performance. After that match there was a shred of hope that we were saving it for tonight, obviously not though. Darwin coming off when the game became stretched, with us not playing for 17 days was a bit weird to me.
Yeah, pretty predictable that fielding a midfield two of a 37-year-old and a guy who's playing like he has long covid might give Modric and Kroos an easy time.
Sick of those pricks.

We could have played all night and still wouldn’t have scored.

Gonna be a struggle now for the rest of the season, a top 4 race just doesn’t get me going
Out with a whimper. Needed the heaviest of heavy metal football turned up to 11, got lift muzak.


Active Member
Not sure why Klopp started Milner and have no idea how Fabinho and Trent played full game.
It's not like Trent could do something defensively and up front it was one bad decision after another.


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Manchester City 4-1 Liverpool
Mentality Monsters!!!
Did well to keep it to 4 in the end. Yay
Another spinless performance. The **** thing is I'm not even surprised or mad about it
I need anti-depressants after watching that.

A lot of these crabs need legging next season and we start fresh.
Our midfield needs investment. Our defense needs an exorcism. A pack of mentality monsters who have collectively lost their minds.

**** this season. Can't wait for it to end.
Pure ****e again

Where is our plan b, same crap week after week.

Substitutions make us look worse every game.
We're not a very good team. Massive rebuild needed in the summer and with no CL it's going to be a challenge.

Subs came way too late as well. Elliot in midfield is criminal.
Great start to the weekend, good performance. Arthur MoTM.
Think the league might just be out of reach this year to be honest
Remember midfields. I miss those.
I turned off after the 4th goal. Can't remember the last time I did that.

Just another of 1000 reminders this season on how we've neglected this side
Beaten by the better team and coach today, a lot if soul searching required. Can't just spend our way out of this.
Disgusting performance but it is the absolute norm for us away from home so no surprise there, will be more of the same on Tuesday at Chelsea. If Jurgen could get this team a Europa League spot it would be one of the great achievements of his career. Top 4 obviously never happening.
Says it all I feel relieved it’s been “only” 4-1
Can we just end the season now?
Probably one of the weakest teams in the league mentally this season, to go along with the massive decline in quality and intensity.
Pretty simple equation for me, if they're not going to at least try I'm not going to waste my time on them.
Hopefully the ESL idea comes back, only this time it means leaving the Premier League.
Gave up after they took the lead. Pathetic mentality. A mentality they've exhibited for a large part of the season. Can't believe we've got another 11 games to endure of this.
Next season can't come soon enough. Off out on the lash. No point moping about on here all afternoon. Try and enjoy your weekend Reds. It's just not worth getting cut up about. It is what it is. Hopefully, we'll be in a much more positive place next season.
Got whacked that second half and were distinctly second best after the break. Not sure what to do about that for us but cry, which I will partake in a lot.
Fed up having my weekend ruined by these.

Most of them dont seem arsed.
Decided to power wash the patio rather than watch the match, correct decision.
Klopp has turned us from a team playing for top 4, to being world beaters, to back playing for 4th place

We are probably the same if not worse than when he came in

Don't think I can take watching Trent get rinsed by every single left winger any longer, it's painful to watch
Just hope don’t qualify for Europe at all. Don’t need any Thursday nights in Uzbekistan while we’re trying to bed people in.
How many times per season can you be shown on BT at 12.30- is there a limit? Asking for a friend who has had lots of weekends ruined this season


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Deserves its own post:
City timewasting on 55 minutes.

Referee threw the game when he allowed an offside goal and didn’t send Rodri off.

Premier League. Bent as **** as always. ****test league in the world. Even Italy was never this obvious. Even second half every time they dove - insta freekick. We’re getting dragged over everytime we get the ball.. Play on..

Disappointed we didn’t just go for it and boot them off the park to be honest. We are far, far too nice. We have no fire or passion. Just let them walk all over us. Should have had some hard tackles on De Bruyne and Grealish. Give them something to ****ing moan about. We didn’t even make a tackle second half. What is the mentality of a team that wouldn’t want to give Grealish a ****ing kick?

Commentators are hilarious on BT. Gatkpo ‘That’s a dive’ - nothing at all when Grealish and that cheating c*nt De Bruyne are diving all over the place.

Disappointed with the loss, but we need more fight and guts and bottle. This has been a great team, but we get fouled every game and just accept it. We get booted up and down and get dragged over and shoved about and we just accept it and never give it back. I don’t want a ‘dogs of war’ but we need to stand up for ourselves. ****ing hate it when our players go off and shake hands with c*nts like De Bruyne and Grealish when they have been cheating wankstains for 90 minutes. I’d rather they got told to get to **** to be honest.


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool
You know when you get an old dog, it can’t walk, it’s blind, pisses itself…. You have it humanely destroyed

That’s this match.

Thank god it’s over.
What can you even say about that? There's just nothing there.
I hate watching us play and I hate myself for watching that
Just pathetic. Had no intention of even trying to score a winner when we desperately need wins. What the **** has happened to this club?!

Clean sheet is a stunning achievement though given how bad we are defensively, even if it was due to them missing and Alisson saving rather than good defending.
Nice training session
That was a ****ing awful match. We had absolutely nothing about us at all.
So dull and unimaginative. Getting sick of these performances
how the **** did we not loose that..... robbed of 90mins of doing something else, like watching paint dry...

I'll take a point away to Chelsea...
4th is over

Absolute shower of ****e that was…

MOTM the travelling Kop for paying to watch that ****e
Two toothless ineffective teams. I guess we held on to a point.

Chelsea are diving cheats though.
Just nothing there at all, limping to the end of the season. Not looking forward to going on Sunday
Great from the Liverpool fans. **** the Tories.

Boys did good.

Ref was a Manc c*nt. Chelsea fans are actually and literally evil. Hate them. Tories and Brexit voters. ****houses.

And Gary ****ing Neville can **** off and literally die. If I’m alive and he dies. I’ll have to take a few days off to celebrate. Kavanagh and Taylor can also provide a few happy drinking opportunities if they get run over or something
Taylor is such an inbred c*nt it’s unreal. HP Lovecraft levels of Innsmouth level of inbredness. Manc. c*nt.

But Gary Neville you horrible little inbred piece of smelly ****e. **** you. **** your family. **** your Ciry. You inbred c*nt.
Close the thread.

And the football club.
Not even a Viagra could fix that boredom.
We need to keep playing Henderson and Fabinho, that'll get us through it.
Random off-topic argument:
Lol another keyboard warrior who spouts **** every 5 ****ing minutes bore off with your political bollocks, anyone’s who’s profile pic is Gary lineker was was Always going to be a prick, now stop spotting you tough guy keyboard bollux.


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Liverpool 1-1 Aston Villa
****ing robbed again
Fantastic for Bobby to score but the impossible task really was this time. No CL next season
They are very anti football.
The sort of game that makes you fall out of love with football. Everything about that other than Bobby getting his moment in front of the Kop was just horrible.

Now for Abu Dhabi to complete the treble and for Everton to stay up to round off this ****show of a season.
That’s that then to champions league football

Everton equalised too. Ffs. What a **** day
Si Senor! A beautiful mad bastard in a sea of ****e.

Complacency FC ride one last time (I hope!)
We were ****, Ref was ****ter.
Well, that was one of the clearest cases of refereeing corruption I have seen in a long time. Of course, some people will say it was incompetence, but that was incompetent ever for the Sunday League. The European Super League can't come soon enough ...
Didn't create enough but ultimately we were absolutely robbed. Another day VAR gives us two more goals and they play an hour with 10-men.

And **** me what a ****house team they are. Didn't bother playing football second half.
Let's forget about the Manchester Mafia and give the leavers the sending off they deserve.
Wake up call for a lot of people on here. First half-decent team we face in a month exposed our "old" weaknesses
I'm not trying to be sour grapes here... But is it just me, or Emiliano Martinez is a c*nt?
Superb result, means we don't have to put up with the greed of the champions league
Where was that effort to hold out v city last season.

Absolutely detest every other club in England.

Between those c*nts Brighton throwing the game on Thursday to these spiteful villa c*nts today 0laying like it's a cup final.

Watch the London c*nts not even bother during the week
LFC 1 v PGMOL 1.

Arsenal Quotes

Have Tottenham closed the gap on Arsenal?
Last time I checked they were still 4 miles and 11 titles away

Arsène Wenger