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Tammy Abraham

Do you want Tammy at Arsenal?

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    Votes: 20 27.0%
  • No

    Votes: 34 45.9%
  • Don't care either

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Here’s a question. A new no.10 or Abraham with ESR as our 10? Our attack would probably function better with Abraham down the middle.
Basically a choice between Maddison or Abraham? Would probably take Madders even though I do like Tammy.


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Tammy is better than Laca and I’ll die on that hill, but how stupid would we be to buy Tammy and strengthen Chelsea’s pursuit of Halaand. Get some self respect Arsenal.


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Think he's a very decent player, perhaps not top class but perhaps more suited to the lone striker role more than Auba & Laca.

Not sure he'd be worth what Chelsea will be looking for mind you.


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Brexit is literally behind most the deals, loving all the English players we’re linked with but surely you just use Balogun.


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It really shows Arsenal’s inferiority complex that we have over Chelsea. Why do we have to buy their leftovers to build our “winning mentality”? Why can’t we buy trust our own players to build such a mentality. Imagine if United signed a finished Kompany, Fernandinho or Yaya to try and bridge the gap. It doesn’t work.

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:lol: I hate when they and Liverpool manage to sell for good price, don’t buy.
To be fair chelsea have better players than us when they want to offload. i agree 40M too much he still have 2 years in contract won't go beyond 30M for him. i don't see we buy him unless we sell Laca.


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That world class, would you say the same thing about Neves? Maddison? and White?

It's different in the striker role. Ben White can become better than Maguire for example. I wouldn't deem Maguire as world class because he simply isn't. Same with someone like Luke Shaw but they perform at a very high level in the PL. Same with Maddison, I find it hard to give any English player the world class tag besides Kane.

However you can probably find a world class forward abroad next summer when we've made CL football.
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