$tan Kroenke Becomes Soul Owner


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What this will most likely mean:

As well as removing any requirement for the publication of accounts or an AGM, the option of registering the business in the United States, to be based under Kroenke’s KSE umbrella in Delaware, would open up. There would also be no internal barriers to using Arsenal as leverage in deals as the Glazer family did with Manchester United.

A 130 year old club with a proud history becoming the plaything of this halfwit American and his son.

He can do what he wants with the club and not have to tell anybody.

****ing tragic.
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I feel this could be a good thing.

What was bad was two rivaling owners that never spoke to each other.

Maybe Stan is open to spending more in full control or open to bringing in investment from a third party on his terms.


No big surprise.

Usmanov is many things (not all of them pleasant) but an idiot isn’t one of them.

It’s clear there’s nothing in the club for him and never will be, so wants out.

One can only hope that it turns out to be a “moderately benign” dictatorship, as has been the case with the Glazers at Utd, notwithstanding the press and much as their supporters hate the business model...


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Rumours that Kroenke took out a loan to buyout Usmanov.

Could totally see him lugging the club with that debt.

Looks like a personal loan though. The debt isn’t on the club.


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Been lurking on this forum for years but never felt the need to create an account of my own. However today, in what possibly the darkest day in the club's history, I decided to create an account.

Make no mistake and do not underestimate the impact that this will have on the club. Arsenal has always in a way been under Kroenke's control but now he can do whatever he wants with it WITHOUT having the obligation to inform the public about it. This will have massive consequences and will really be the downfall of our club (the demise has been going on for 10 years now). No doubt that this is the reason Gazidis is leaving. Such a shame that Wenger invested his life to this club and now will see it was all for nothing.. Only hope now is that in the future Dangote makes an offer to Kroenke he is unable to refuse but I doubt it. I wish this American **** nothing but misery and bad luck..

To quote the dark night "The night is darkest just before the dawn".. I really hope this is true..


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Very dark days ahead for this club. The likes of Everton will overtake us in 2 years. Forget about top 4. Arsenal is royally screwed. Kroenke has shown he's never been a good sports owner so yeah.


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3rd paragraph is of interest here.


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Yes but it’s a “bridge” to something else i.e. a term deal that Kronke clearly intends to replace with alternative finance - be that cash or some other, long term structured and bespoke arrangement.
I could see one of the owners that helped him win the LA market being brought in.

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