$tan Kroenke Becomes Soul Owner


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6 billion costing from 1.6 billion it always happens like this and will possibly still rise further.
Now isnt 6 billion around Mr Moustache entire fortune??
Collateral or not it will have an impact .

He is not interested in the Arsenal other than its a stock , if he was interested then he would have a stuck his moustache in and want answers for the s**t show end of season .
His wife is the bread winner no sweat for Stan.


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Might be wrong there but I think I read that Kroenke is significantly richer than Abramovich and has more like 10-12 billion.

If you consider his wife being around 7.5 billion as well + her family owning walmart, alltogether this sums up to incredible wealth.


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My biggest concern with Kroenke has always been that he doesn't seem to crave success. If he wanted success Emery would have been sacked 2 weeks ago but us keeping him as manager and losing more points doesn't seem to bother Stan. My only hope is that Josh has a little bit of the winner spirit in him, his old man certainly doesn't!


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So Kroenke interest more like
Rams >Nuggets>Arsenal.

Funny because world-wide we are the most famous than his US franchise but like most US owners they more interest with thier US franchises


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He doesn't care about the Rams either. He only cares about that $2bn stadium that has now ballooned up to a $6bn budget and is not anywhere near being complete on time from a money generating standpoint. I can't recall him or Josh making any type of statements on their American teams but maybe they only get reported locally. (I live in the Northeast US).

NFL owners are now freaking about the state of LA fans because the Rams and Chargers franchises are both jokes so the fans have stayed loyal to the Raiders who are moving to Vegas. Neither LA team is performing well money wise in terms of home fans going to games. The collective of NFL owners are concerned about the LA project. Rumors have the Chargers already being possibly forced to either sell/relocate so soon.

Edit: I didn't realize this was posted on the last page already. I just read it on USA Today a couple of days ago. Apologies.


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Keen for a new billionaire owner. Here are some ideas I had earlier for a top 5:

1. Sergey Brin (filthy rich, good with searches, so will help with scouting)
2. Ma Huateng (filthy rich, has a great communications technology at hand, so we can stop being mushrooms where we're fed **** and kept in the dark)
3. Jack Ma (filthy rich, great at selling crap, so he can sell the club to players, season tickets to the willfully blind, and expensive merchandise to the rest of us)
4. Giovanni Ferrero (filthy rich, into chocolate, and I know some of us comfort eat after a loss.)
5. Vladimir Putin (filthy, filthy rich (probably), is one scary mofo, and let's be fair, if Putin's our owner then we own Chelsea because Putin owns Abramovich)

Keen also to help Mackenzie Bezos to diversify.


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dont that family make something like 100m everyday, insane wealth
His wife is the daughter of the brother of the Walmart founder. She inherited her wealth. To call her “a bread winner” isn’t how I would phrase it. Not when we are talking generational wealth like that. That family has been wading in money for a while now.

If you work for a salary which is needed to put food on the table and to pay bills then I feel bread winner is accurate. So that goes for all most if not all of us. When the family fortune runs in the billions not so much. That is all I meant.

Workers unite!!!


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At this stage its the same as asking how we get Google to stop spying on the world. You can't..
Agree, we are stuck with that leach. Looking at how he runs his club we are not winning anything in a while. We need to get lucky and find a generational talent as either coach or player to stand a chance. He will run the club as a pure business.

**** I hate his damn guts! I wish we could become a club owned by the members to 51% at least. That it would be ours and that the fans are not just paying customers.


A-M's brilliant, yet humble Xhaka-stan 😍
So Kroenke interest more like
Rams >Nuggets>Arsenal.

Funny because world-wide we are the most famous than his US franchise but like most US owners they more interest with thier US franchises
My brother is a long time Rams fan and trust me he isn’t loved by that fan base either. I have never heard a positive word from any fan of any of the teams he owns. He is scum!

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