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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Slartibartfast, Mar 17, 2019.

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  1. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    This 15-year-old thread suddenly seems relevant again. So since the Monchi thread (where we were discussing the technical director role in general) has been closed, I figured I'd bring this back.

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  2. say yes

    say yes Thread Title Abuser

    Surely it makes more sense for the mods to reopen and rename the Monchi thread into a general ‘director of football search’ thread than to force new threads / bumps like this.

    As @Slartibartfast has pointed out- discussion in there went far beyond mere Monchi anyway.

    Sort it out @American_Gooner , @blaze_of_glory , @OnlyOne
  3. Sammy1887

    Sammy1887 New Year, Same Hate For Reed

    A return 15 years in the making!

    Overmars or bust.
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  4. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    Alright, since we have a dedicated technical director thread up and running (although I did enjoy that little trip down memory lane), it seems Steve Morrow is being mentioned as a possible internal candidate.

    I also found this an interesting statement.

    The Gunners want to hire someone who either has a pre-exisiting history with Emery or a track record at Arsenal.

    That would seem to narrow the field considerably.

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  5. TheEconomist

    TheEconomist Well-Known Member

    What's Thierry up to now days ?
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  6. MaraDon

    MaraDon Wants you to learn about football

    Wenger anyone?
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  7. Garrincha

    Garrincha Wilf Zaha Aficionado Trusted

    Bound to be Morrow.

    We never even replaced Ivan... Just look for the cheap option internally. Reverse auction fills the position.
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  8. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    Morrow seems a bit of a broken limb to rely on.
  9. Gegen Pressing

    Gegen Pressing Well-Known Member

    Technical director, director of football, team manager, CEO, board of directors, chairman, vice ...
    A.Wenger: "Mexican army" anyone ?
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  10. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    Regarding Morrow, you never know who might be good at this sort of role. Monchi went from being a backup goalkeeper almost straight into being Sevilla's sporting director and went on to create a vast network of scouts and build their academy practically from scratch. The same is true of Michael Zorc at Borussia Dortmund. He retired as a player in 1998 to become their sporting director and still remains in the role to this day, largely responsible for the continued success Dortmund has had.

    Morrow, at least, has many years of experience in football administration, including his current post as Head of Youth Scouting. He's also a former manager, which is not irrelevant in this job, and has an intimate knowledge of the club. Maybe Overmars or somebody else would be a better choice and will get the job, but as far as being an internal candidate there's no reason to believe that Morrow couldn't make it a success.
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  11. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Thomas Tuchel Stan Trusted

    These mods are the reason Monchi isn't coming because of the embarrassing summer transfer thread.
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  12. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Overmars would be interesting choice. Disappointed by Monchi looks like he scared of big challenge.
  13. Ceballinhos

    Ceballinhos Cheating on Santi

    very low salary :lol::lol:
    why am I not surprised? :lol:
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  14. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    The rest of what Arsenic passed along from Cadena SER:

  15. Gooner416

    Gooner416 Established Member Trusted

    What about Luis Campos that other posters have raved about?
  16. Gooner416

    Gooner416 Established Member Trusted

    Also re: Cadena SER, if Monchi was up for the challenge, he would surely be able to negotiate salary with us after the Sevilla opportunity came around. I'm not buying the notion of low ball etc. and it seems Monchi took job security and familiarity over another challenge of the ilk of Roma.

    I must say it's cowardly from Monchi because he has a big reputation and would've had a safety blanket with the fact that he's had great success with Unai. Sevilla makes no sense.
  17. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    According to James Benge's article (linked above), Arsenal wants either someone who has a previous relationship with Emery or somebody who has a history at Arsenal. That would seem to rule out Campos.

    As far as Monchi choosing to go back to Sevilla, I think we have to keep in mind that it is home to him. Sevilla wasn't just a stop in the road for Monchi as it was for Emery or the vast majority of the players. He was born an hour's drive away, grew up in Sevilla's youth system, played for the club at the senior level and then spent 17 years as their sporting director. I don't think we should fault someone for choosing home over something unknown.

    It's also important to note that at Sevilla Monchi is running the whole show and reports only to the owner. The role he was offered at Arsenal is a rung down the ladder as he would be reporting to Sanllehi, who as head of football will be the technical director's boss and supervisor.
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  18. Tosker

    Tosker Does Not Hate Foreigners

    a connection with Arsenal surely should take precedence over a connection with Emery, who for all we know could be gone in a couple of years

    whereas Arsenal will be here forever
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  19. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    Could be why they seemed to have been feeling out Edu before anyone else. He is both. He played for Emery at Valencia.
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  20. MaraDon

    MaraDon Wants you to learn about football

    How much of Ajax starting eleven was scouted and how much of it is from the academies?
    How much of Ajax talent comes from inside the league?

    Genuin questions.
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