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Another over the mill, incredibly average player who some have touted as a decent backup to KT. Ideally, I'd like a younger profile like Doig, Tyrick Mitchell etc. to provide further competition to KT and potentially be sold for a nice fee if they develop.


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andersen reminds me of hulk hogan...
buendia reminds me of the talented guy that gets overlooked by the big clubs because they know they could do better - I ****ing hate being constantly linked with him


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Any type of player that is deemed a Xhaka replacement. This guy has been a big part of some of the most boring football we've played. We should not be looking for like for like.

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Im surprised by this, why dont you like him? what is it about his game you dont like?
I just think he is way overhyped. Whenever I have watched him he has never impressed me. Hasn't got any exceptional attribute, isn't particularly fast, good in the air or lethal finisher. He is more an all rounder, where he does everything maybe to a decent level. His strong point is linking up play and holding on to the ball, but I'm not sure how to rate that as you get so much time in the SPL.

My biggest disappointment of him is his finishing ability. The amount of chances he needs to score is very high, usually with just the GK to beat he tamely rolls it straight to him. From my recollection he misses too many big chances to ever become elite. For this reason I tried to look up his xG but couldn't find it anywhere as I don't think they do it for the SPL.

He is still young and could improve of course but currently I don't see anything special in him.

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