The Arsenal Advisory Board

If A-M posters were allowed on the advisory board, who would be your choice?

  • GDeep

  • BigPoppaPump

  • hydrofluoric acid

  • yousif_arsenal

  • HairsprayGooners

  • TimoHighbury_2006

  • Makingtrax

  • OnlyOne

  • Reed

  • Other (state in the thread)

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Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants
I voted for myself out of pure ego but I can't lie GDeep is the man to lead us into the future. First move is to ban any African players from representing their countries.
You and @GDeep have voted for yourselves?



Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants
Fined one weeks wages for laughing in the changing room, 2 weeks if anyone is seen dancing. You get suspended indefinitely if you post anything on social media. No fancy trims everyone has to get a level 1 all over trim and wear black boots. Bellerin is the first out the door tbh.

@Trilly and myself would actually work quite well cos we'd sign players based off vibes rather than any scouting report and we all know vibes > everything.
2 weeks is a minimum for this kind of **** :lol:



Points Out The Obvious
2 weeks is a minimum for this kind of **** :lol:

No matter how corny this celebration is at least it was after a goal. This guy and Auba would be int he changing rooms break dancing and acting like children even when we're 15th in the league losing every week. Theirry Henry was pissed off for weeks after every loss, now look at our forwards.

Lacazette got "Trust the process" with Minions painted onto his boots, at 30 years of age. And this is the guy we expect to take us forward?


Only Came To See Granit Xhaka
For me it is between BBP and Reed. I think they are the most honest and trusted posters on this forum. I mean from those that regularly visit the forum. There are other good posters but do not visit frequently.

Also GDeep is on that list.


Up The Terriers
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I'm disappointed with the election campaign here, not been offered a single bribe or gong for my vote. The candidates have much to learn in terms of running an election campaign without integrity.

After much soul searching, I went with @Makingtrax - I trust him to harp on about Wenger and squad cost to such an extent that Kroenke will simply sell up to get some peace. This tactic should accomplish what most fans want - Kroenke Out!

El Duderino

99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One
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Wait, is this what they had in mind regarding fan participation? :lol:

So we're being used as leverage for yet another crypto coin to gain traction?

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