The Arsenal Advisory Board

If A-M posters were allowed on the advisory board, who would be your choice?

  • GDeep

  • BigPoppaPump

  • hydrofluoric acid

  • yousif_arsenal

  • HairsprayGooners

  • TimoHighbury_2006

  • Makingtrax

  • OnlyOne

  • Reed

  • Other (state in the thread)

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This is what they’re giving us? Crypto ****e?

They honestly wouldn’t give us the steam off their piss. Why not a proper fan share scheme ffs.

rich 1990

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Who the **** would vote for Makingtrax? He'd need a bash on the head every ten minutes to jolt him out of talking about Wenger.
Well, this post divided people. 4 different whatever you call em's from 4 different posters. This is why you must vote for me. Divide and conquer.

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Good thread and article about the crypto thing they're trying to push on us.