The Arsenal Off the Pitch and Bantz Thread

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Realised there's no thread for anything off the pitch any players do. Could streamline stuff like the Ainsley incident in here, rather than having multiple threads. The photo I put in the kit thread earlier should have gone in here.



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The 23-year old took part in a media day for French brand Lanvin, the club's official suit partner, along with several other teammates.

Wilshere said: "It's important that a club like Arsenal looks smart when we get off the bus.

"It's a great brand and I think other teams when they see us get off the bus and we look like we're all together and in the same suit, you know, we get a little bit more respect.

"If you look at all the big clubs throughout the league, Manchester United have got a suit, Liverpool, and we've only just got one in the last few years but it really shows the direction the club is going and the way we want to be thought about in this league.


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Walcott could work with this, not only on pitch talent but also off pitch talent. Heard he is a writer too.

But who would win her heart. That is the big question. My bet is on Ospina but with Chambers as outsider!


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Can we start a petition to stop the club getting involved in stuff like this.



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Can we start a petition to stop the club getting involved in stuff like this.

The original song itself hasn't aged that well IMO beyond just being a memorable chorus line (ironically, just a bitter break-up song). As far as the Arsenal lads are concerned, meh, at least they tried. Seen plenty of cringey stuff on the same lines before, not just for Arsenal.


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Tell me during your next 90s DJ set which goes down better out of 'Back to Life' or 'Return of the Mack' and get back to me :p

As a good DJ mate of mine once said,

"There's two types of ****. You get good ****, and you get **** ****. Mr Blobby is **** ****, no one liked it back then and no one likes it now."

Return of the Mack is in the category of 'good ****'.


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Yeah, my fault; apples and oranges, was talking about albums in full, and the overall talent and depth associated with that, but fair enough if we're talking about singles :D

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