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The Berg Ultimatum: Is Granit Xhaka an Arsenal Legend?

Is Xhaka an Arsenal Legend?

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The Berg ultimatum used to be something related with minors, who knows why he got alloweed back to do his Xhaka spam


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He is a legend for Switzerland, no question about that.

He is a legend of the ****housery game, again absolutely zero doubt on that front.

The way he has turned around his fortunes at arsenal from person non Grata to someone nearly every one is sorry to see go is legendary in its own way.

He is not however an arsenal legend based on his overall body of work for the club.


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This is a big moment of happiness...we waited a long time for this and the happiness is linked sometimes with the suffering, and the time that you have to wait....this was more important than all the other (trophies) we have twice won the double, but were not under pressure then like we were today.

Arsène Wenger, on winning the 2014 FA Cup