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I'm a big fan of having the right captain. That can be a player who is influential in how they play or approach the game. Being vocal and keeping people switched on.

Look at the modern game there is room for all types. Henderson, Milner, VVD at Liverpool, Messi at Barcelona, KDB at City, Maguire at United. Neuer at Bayern.

There is one quality that is undoubtedly required and that is that player commands the respect of the team. And I'm sure Aubameyang does that. Would he be my captain, no, does he have captain material, yes.


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I think the armband should mean a lot personally, especially at Arsenal.

It has taken many hits over the years, but lets not forget...that Adams captained us to league titles in 3 different decades, or the feeling when Vieira lifted that unbeaten title in 2004...great players, great leaders.

We are quite a way from that admittedly, but that should be the standard we strive to achieve at this club...we might never to it, but that's how the captaincy should be viewed at Arsenal, should be a absolute honour to receive it as a player.


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We need to find a settled and balanced XI before we start arguing who should be captain. I mean let's be serious quality wins you trophies, not a captain. I feel like Kompany was the last "captain of the old days". He was the leader, a defender, world class, performed in big moments, undroppable when fit, a tough bastard, and basically all the rhetoric you'd expect from Roy Keane on Sky Sports but nowadays those types of captains rarely exist. Now you got Henderson, Maguire, Azpi, Auba, etc.
Anyways, I believe the younger players are probably more likely to be better captains. Tierney, Gabriel and Saliba (when Arteta grows up), are the prototype of captains I would personally gravitate to.
I feel like to be a great captain in the modern era you need to be: available, consistent at your role, highly respected, obviously leadership skills, communicate well, undroppable, well received by the fans and a long term starter. So you can basically rule out Luiz, Xhaka, and Bellerin despite their leadership skills. They're not controversial enough to be vice-captains but captains of Arsenal is a big no no.


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It’s not as important as some of you guys make it honestly.
I watch whole 90 mins of City playing not even realising who the captain is (think it’s debruyne at the moment).

Pool, after Hendo with Milner bench and Virgil injured f*ck knows who has it.

Feels nit picky to me and when we won the FA Cup, beating the teams we did we simply wasn’t talking about this.


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Giving Auba the captaincy to begin with was the mistake but its kind of redundant at this point. If Tierney or Gabriel were more mature and experienced at the club I'd give it to them.

Other than that the first choice would've been Leno. He'd be great as that and would've gotten a huge boost in greater responsibility as well as status on an emotional level. Has the personality for it too and pretty much guaranteed to start every game.

Giving Auba the armband was clearly an act of desperation but as most of noticed its kind of pointless here. Shouldn't be but it is.

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