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The Championship

Rex Bezos

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Thought Jokanovic was a good appointment for them based o his Championship experience but even he might not be able to save these guys.

I know I got memed on here for being a massive fan boy but that Wilder 2019/20 season was one of the biggest achievements by a recent manager.

Guys like McGoldrick and Baldock pushing midtable and being comfortably safe? Incredible stuff.

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WBA, Fulham and Bournemouth are literally dominating the league atm. Reading, Birmingham and Preston win as well. Millwall, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Nottingham draw.

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While WBA and Fulham are dominating the league, Sheffield United are just crap: only 1 point and only 1 goal scored in 4 games. Cardiff, Coventry, Birmingham, Preston and Stoke win, instead. Bournemouth and Derby draw.

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There's no one stopping Fulham march towards the Premier League atm. Huddersfield and Preston win as well, while all the others draw.

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Fulham are like City in the Championship: too strong for everyone. Huddersfield, Millwall, Preston and Q.P.R. win as well. All the others draw. Peterborough-WBA this evening.


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Credit where it's due so far, but Ravel Morrison looks a cut above Championship level. I genuinely hope the penny has dropped for him and he doesn't waste this chance.


Cedric and Mari ruined my life

Deeney is in much better shape these days

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