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The Championship

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First defeat for Fulham. Both WBA and Q.P.R. draw, instead. Bournemouth, Coventry, Sheffield United and Stoke all win. Luton, Bristol City and Swansea draw.

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The Championship is always full of surprises. Fulham 1-0 down against Reading. WBA, Stoke and Bournemouth struggling as well. Nottingham, Luton, Middlesbrough, Peterborough and Bristol City up, instead. Barnsley and Coventry draw.

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Reading mentre vince il Bournemouth che così vola in testa. Pari il WBA. Vincono invece Derby, Nottingham, Blackpool, Peterborough e Bristol City. Pari Blackburn, Luton e Millwall.

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Sorry, it was in italian lol!

Reading shock Fulham, while Bournemouth win and go top. WBA draw. Derby, Nottingham, Blackpool, Peterborough and Bristol City all win. Blackburn, Luton and Millwall draw.

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