The Effect of Coronavirus on Football


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Gonna be there in person to see my boy Lil Tets win our first European trophy since 1994... :drool:


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It's now just over a year since Mike Arteta caught Covid-19. The club announced it 12/3/20. That brought the Premier League to a halt, they cancelled everything. Just as well in retrospect because our government were dithering hopelessly. People in the UK practically had to impose a lockdown on themselves before our government got round to it.


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I’m hearing even the stewards at the event will be wearing specially commissioned commemorative attire as they guide the fans to the correct seating area.



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I want to be in the DNR section. The induced coma section will be a bit dead.


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Interesting how they the fans will react, depends on what happens in the EL too. On the one hand the kinda of fans who'll get tickets to it won't be the most reactionary type, and they will be glad just to be in the stadium, on the other hand we've had a terrible season.



I just can't wait to get back in the Emirates! Just miss the away games too, you don't know what you've missed before it's gone 😒😒😒