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The Fighting **** & Glory Glory Go Into Meltdown


Doesn’t Rate Any Of Our Attackers
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"Ugh, ****ing seriously? Why can't we have nice things?"

"**** me what have we all done to deserve this ****?? It’s never ending."

"Well good ridance. Graham Potter is better anyway, everyone know this."

"So the only two things that let this deal down were salary and transfer budget.

The two most important things for a manager."

"What's Parker up to?"



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I've not even mentioned any sort of price so what the hell are you spouting about? We can only "rinse City" if they're happy to be rinsed, which they're not. So we'll be left with a player that wants out, not performing to what he's capable of.

You broke my heart Harry.

Kane is an absolute cnut.

Put us through the ringer befirevtge season ended and now has us bsck in the news for the wrong reasons again.

An absolute waste of space.

I was fully in the keep Harry camp but now I’m starting to get excited at the prospect of us replacing him and investing all that money rebuilding. But, only if we invest every penny of that Harry money. I want us to sign 2 quality strikers, not 1.

This notion that we should keep him and let him rot in the reserves or the under-23 side as suggested here is ridiculous. In my opinion, we either needed to sell Kane, get the best price possible for him obviously without asking for ludicrous amounts that will make anyone interested turn and run, or try to convince him this summer that there's still a bit of light left at the end of the tunnel. That went downhill the moment we appointed the sacked Wolves manager for ****s sake.

Harry Kane swore on his daughters life he scored a goal, when really he should have respected his team mate and been the bigger guy.

Romano confirming we turned down 100 million for Harry about a month ago. 100 million is not enough for Harry. He can pout all he wants but if he's going to leave, it needs to be for fair value.

So make an example and bench him for three years in PL and make him just a fringe player for minor competitions until his attitude improves if it doesn’t leave him there and then he can go when he’s 31

See if Pep wants him then

Sp**s are under no pressure to sell Kane, not with 3 years left on his deal.

Sp**s are under much more pressure than City.

If City don't buy Kane they have a multitude of options and a squad that won the League going away while winning another Cup and being Cl finalists.

Sp**s are left with a weak squad and an unhappy star player.

We shouldn't cave in to whatever they want but I think people are being a little hopeful in our situation if Kane stays an unhappy Kane is not a good situation for us to have for next season.

Sold Berbs went backwards, same with Bale. Are we going anywhere without him?

If I was in another snarky mood, I’d ask if Kane confused the training session with a cup final, and hence the going missing.


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It’s gonna be a long season.
Fk sake why do we have to lose to fking gooner viera
12-0, Harry Winks to score 6 goals, take off his shirt and hand it to patrick viera who will resign after the game.
Damn , crystal palace was so good , they played very well . Viera is very good.
Now i´m going to make this weekend even more miserable by watching Woolwich! To see if Tomiyasu is the real deal, he probably is! :pochsulk: Yes, i´m a miserable ****, i chose to support Sp**s

Nuno honeymoon period well and truly over........ Chelsea next and then Woolwich........ Woolwich could be on level points with us after the NLD...... Fun times
Chavs will take us apart. But Woolwich are ****ing ****, if we struggle to beat them it will be embarassing.

They'll be above us after we've played them.

Omnishambles. Three scratchy one nils did nothing to mask the deep structural flaws in the club. A pedestrian, wantaway talisman striker; a midfield lacking creativity; and a defence that is full of brain fart merchants. We shouldn’t be laughing too hard at Woolwich…
We are looking as bad as Woolwich have over their first 3 games
Moss is an absolute gooner ****, sorry but he is one of the most corrupt ****s in this league. Proper brown paper bagger.

John Moss gooner **** check VAR for punches!
Ref is a gooner ****


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Appaling, gutless 2nd half display devoid of any fight or professional pride.

One goal in open play thus far, ****ing shocking.
Kane shouldn’t play for us again until he’s over his wanky little depressed attitude
Now why would Kane possible want to leave?
Smashing Woolwich next week would do wonders for morale. Sadly I'm not confident at all after watching another limp effort today
2nd half they've made us look like the mid table side we are, could actually be below Woolwich if we lose at the Emirates next week.
I'd prefer to see Scarlett up front more than Kane. Kane isn't interested in us anymore.
At least the Sherwood era was entertaining, and generally speaking we won against all the teams below us in the food chain.
I'm so done with this ****. This club will never amount to anything. Not winners, nor entertainers. Desperately struggling in every match regardless of the result, home crowd just as lifeless and uninterested as the people on the pitch. What is the point of any of this?
This club is going nowhere and getting worse by the day
What the ****, they're just taking the piss now.

Feel like ****. Thank you Tottenham.
**** right off

I'm done
Kane is a disgrace. To my mind, he is an enemy of our club.
Goons beat us by 2 next Sun they are above us. This ****ing club. Give me strength
Who fancies the emirates next weekend? They've found some form we've been leathered twice and we are historically so good there....

**** my life.
Woolwich defeat next week.
We are staring down the barrel
Thanks Levy
Kane a waste of space
We should have sold him
Long hard season
****ing Keane and Souness coming in off their long runs tonight.

We're getting rightfully hammered.
We are a mid table side now our days of top four has gone, poor recruitment, decisions and poor backing from the top have finished us.
We gave got to beat Woolwich after this !
****ing sick of this

SA Gunner

Hates Tierney And Wants Him Sold Immediately

Country: South Africa

They still Will spank us tho

Horrendous record against Nuno

Dont see a spanking.

Probably some stupid goal we concede, and then a second when we try and chase the game. Hopefully not much more than that.


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Some tidbits from the "Fighting ****"

****ing hate them with all my being. We're ****, but they're even more ****ing ****. No excuses to not win this one.
We are losing this one ain’t we ?
Our record at the Emirates is horrendous. We barely ever get results there. Played 15 and won 1 game at the Emirates tells me we won’t be getting a result.
Agree doesn't matter how good or bad they are we always seem to have an inferiority complex against them.
What worries me about them, is what they do when they sack Arteta.
It would be soooooo ****ing Spursy if we went there and beat them, and their reaction was to sack Arteta and get Conte.

If they gave Arteta £150m to spend, Conte aint gonna pull the old "they aren't ambitious enough" line. And they'll probably give him a phat wedge and long contract.
About half their team is aged 20-23. Not sure if that helps them or us though.
can see this one being dull, arteta will play it safe as im sure nes will too
Weve lost 6 times , drawn a few and not won a league game in the last 11 years at their ground. Very low expectations!
Our record there is terrible and a defeat doesn’t bare thinking about. Unfortunately I think they’ll win.
Their current 11 is half decent and a much better side than the fools who got battered by City. Tough game
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After ESR puts us 1-0 up
FFS,, too easy
I don’t know if I can watch this 😭
Amazed it took so long.
gonna get bummed today
They look hungrier, quicker and technically far better than us.
**** off Sp**s
I wonder if a Xhaka moment of madness is our only chance of something from this game?

Auba doubles our lead

Sack the **** tonight

Save the club
This could easily be 5 or 6 today
**** this ****. **** off Levy, **** off Nuno, **** off Enic, this whole starting 11 can get ****ed too
Levy this is all your doing. Absolutely embarrassing!
I think I’ll turn this off now. What a ****ing mess.
So embarrassing!
We’re making them look like Bayern Munich. **** this ****
**** off you cúnts!
If only Harry Kane was playing for us
Pathetic club

Loads of Pathetic fans
I dunno who I hate more right now... them or US!
Worst part is we're making a dogshit Woolwich team look half decent. They're cack.

At 3-0

Game over
Just embarrassing..
**** this
Done and dusted
****ing joke of a ****ing club
Jesus ****ing Christ
Now beyond embarassing.

At half time

My nephew (Woolwich) texted and said 'anyone losing 3-0 to us should be sacked'. Can't argue with that.
If our shower of ****e have even 1 ounce of integrity and dignity..... They'll go all out for the one goal we need in this second half to make sure that we don't have to suffer the final insult of being below Woolwich in the table after this game.

They won't of course, because they're all a bunch of spineless pussies.
Damage limitation

After Son pulls one back

Son 3 more goals please
At least we managed to salvage a goal.

At full Time

What a shambles.
No matter what midfield we have, Dier will remain absolute garbarge . Every single game he does the stupidest **** that will cost goals. No manager will be able to improve this dumb idiot.
I thought we were gutless at times last season but yet again this club finds new ways to let you down.

Embarrassed at the state we are in. **** the lot of them.
Terrible. Rubbish football, poor mentality, no creativity and crap defensively. We're in serious trouble, perhaps not in terms of relegation but bottom half.
****s ****s ****s. Just ****ing turn up and put a ****ing shift in.
**** Nuno.
**** levy.
**** them all.
Lazydombele only looks great on youtube clips. In reality, he just slows the tempo of the game with his unnecessary flicks. The same goes to Dele. Also, Kane's slow, PEH is slow. Emerson is slow.


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i was hoping crouch and sheringham could be coaxed out of retirement
West Ham were rubbish and still managed to take 3 points.

Kane is a prick.
Tomayashu was our preferred choice, Levy went for Royale because the payment terms suited him better. He’s an utter ******
Absolute **** we will be lucky to beat Norwich at this rate
We are about as entertaining as staring at a mound of emu **** .
We bottle it every time we're in such a position. World class bottlers.

Fifth derby in a row lost. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more spineless bunch in my lifetime.
Only Sp**s could get a brand new stadium with the intention of propelling the club to huge heights, only to fall flat on our ass and tumble faster than an avalanche. #spursy
This is not Tottenham. Worst I have seen in at least 15 years.
We’re a joke club now - worse than the **** show at Woolwich


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"

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We bottle it every time we're in such a position. World class bottlers.


😍 😍 😍

So funny 😂
Only Sp**s could get a brand new stadium with the intention of propelling the club to huge heights, only to fall flat on our ass and tumble faster than an avalanche. #spursy
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