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The Fighting **** & Glory Glory Go Into Meltdown


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****. In. Hell.
Going back to bed.

**** this **** club.
Here we go again
**** this club, seriously.
10 games in a row conceding first - completely unacceptable.
wE'Re On CoUrSe FoR tOp 4, ThInKy, YoO iDiOt... WhY cAn'T yOu SeE iT!

I'm tired Robbie.
Game over.
Now they can get all the boos. **** this team, these tactics, these owners, the whole lot. Shower of ****
Conte out.
Yeh I’m done.
Has to go. Enough is enough.
SAD. Now just wait and see if Conte leaves before he is fired. Nothing else exciting left
We've lost to the worst manager in arsenals history.
**** you Sp**s! We are the home team playing just **** football. What a **** way to start the year. Absolutely astonishing how bad we play

Conte, don't hit your head on the way out.

He obviously has no ideas left. No creativity no gameplan, no improvement.

Let's not waste one more window to worsen us. Last season he came in and steadied the ship. But after getting in number of players we have collapsed.
We cant have conte in charge for NLD. Out tomorrow please.
This is conte last game imo. Mason mates Wednesday and then poch back.
Conte is just another Mourinho. Not right for us. Because Levy is a tight ****. And they’re both too much ego. What a monumental shambles. Most expensive season tickets in the world. **** ENIC.
Going to be a brutal season.

Highest I think we can get is 7th. We’ll end up scrapping with Brighton / Fulham for the conference league.

To dare is to do.

Conte thread
Gotta give Brighton some credit. Getting 25M for the Ivorian Harry Winks is some great business.
Conceded first in 10 straight game. Have allowed 2 or more goals in 7 straight games.

Something is really rotten and the wheels have truly come off.
Please sack this ****ing guy, Levy.
He can stick his new contract up his arse. Boring ****.


Red Card Magnet 🧲 🟥


not only that, but he used to get season tickets for his son, who, yes, you guessed it, is one of us.

Amazing double wammy right there.
Lol well at least he isn’t hurting financially watching Sp.rs for that kind of money to be bored and abused by failure is cruel. My older brother played as a kid in Sp**s youth system and he is a Spud backer. In away i almost respect the depth of masochism of their fans. The funniest is they had the balls to do a website during Wenger’s drought counting days since Arsenal last won a trophy. In the worst period in club history we still managed 5 FA cup in 9 years. Wonder what the Sp**s trophyless website looks like now. Lol

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Their desperation reminds me of our last years at Highbury. They now feel they have nothing but corruption left, to stop us. It should only encourage us to push on, and achieve.


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"


Their desperation reminds me of our last years at Highbury. They now feel they have nothing but corruption left, to stop us. It should only encourage us to push on, and achieve.

What desperation are you talking about bro?
We ended up an Invincibles on 2004, finished 2nd in 2005, and then made Top 4 as well as made it to the CHL final in the final year of Highbury on 2006.

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