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The Fighting **** & Glory Glory Go Into Meltdown


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I'm really not comfortable with how close Man City/Arse are behaving... or should I say Pep/Arteta are...

It just smells of old boys network.... it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if they somehow help eachother out against other teams.... something just feels wrong!

(Also, why aren't Conte's managerial mates speaking so highly of HIM/us?)


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@Oxeki how are the Sp**s fans reacting to helping us :lol:
Yeah @Oxeki i wanna know too

Home fans were very supportive
City are uber **** this season, can't see the goons ****ing this up
Which is why I'm not bothered at all about beating city. We didnt help them, city are just not good enough.
Woolwich still have to play City twice. Hopefully yet another loss to Sp**s will be the kick up the backside they need. Today just happy for Harry and Sp**s.
It really is 'you couldn't make it up' territory that the one season Woolwich have a blinder, City completely **** the bed.
Great result, just a shame it helps Woolwich.
City look worryingly bad in terms of us relying on them to stop Woolwich.
Yeah that’s why I said Woolwich can lose 5 or 6 more & would still win the title. Also you would favour them to beat city at least once in the 2 matches between them .
The loss against us will be a wake up call and they will then go on to win the league.


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Long overdue @Riou
Chris ****ing Wood
****ing hell. ****ing ****ing ****ing hell.
Everyone (except us) wants Woolwich to win the league, don't they?

Same as EVERYONE (except us) wanted Leicester to win the Premier League didn't they...?

Shame NO ONE (except US) wanted us to win the league, EVER... innit?
**** sake City you useless ****s
I'm just mad that Unai Emery & Martinez conspired to hand ArseAnal the win... for fear Arteta would throw his little Lego toys out of his little pram!
Someone mentioned it the other day and can’t say I ever noticed it before , but how come they seem to be getting all the midweek late night games at home?


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@Oxeki you know what to do, lad. Bring me their delicious anguish :lol:
It does upset us, all part and parcel of being Sp**s I suppose. Think it's partly because we thought we had past them for the first time in decades which makes it more painful. After the end of last season especially, they've kicked on and we've gone back.
Very true. I actually had a bit of hope we could win the fa cup this year. Blackburn in the quarters it would have been too! Even I thought we would go through tonight. Majority of the time I know we won’t win anything with levy & enic holding us back. But now & then I think we might fluke a cup with a good draw & some luck. But we don’t even get that. Doomed
Awful night of football.
..Absolute ****s. ****ing fuming.
It’s because lady luck is going their way for virtually everything. When the **** do City often drop points to crap like Nottingham Forest? Or James Maddison pulling out of the Leicester game last minute? Villa keeper having a mare and spilling the ball for Arsenals winner? You can just see like the Leicester season that things are happening for them. Things are going their way and they have been doing it all season. It’s going to piss me off wheb it happens, but Woolwich will win the league unfortunately. Something that only can happen to Sp**s as well with our **** rotten luck. Finish above them for 8 seasons and the 1 season those rancid ****s finish above us, they go and win the league. About as Spursy as can get.
Jesus isn’t what makes them tick. It’s Oldegaard, Partey, Saka and a half decent defence.
The rest of the league falling over themselves to hand them 3 points every week is 'what makes them tick'
...and when they don't, (like Brentford) Arteta and his cult make sure they moan loud enough and long enough until the ref gets sacked!!!!!


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Before the game:

Strongest team possible, same attitude as the Chelsea game. I want us to win this trophy and show no mercy.
I hope the team stays largely the same. We are building a winning momentum so now is not the time to take teams lightly. Get 2 or 3 goal up then rest the likes of Kane but win the game first
You can't be perfect; absolutely...... But equally you have to trust highly paid and rated players like Son & Richy to do their job at some point or it's pointless pretending we have cover for Kane at all.
Need a full team out, they’ll be up for it

This cup is very winnable this season

That Richarlison miss

**** me this audition at centre forward couldn't be going much worse for Richarlison could it
Between Emerson,Richarlison and Lucas, Emerson might be the best brazilian finisher.
Richie man....... That was nearly a throw in.........
Our own players trolling us now

Sheffield 1-0

Pathetic. We will never win a trophy.

How bloody predictable.........

Hang your heads in shame boys, you've played ****e.

10 minutes to salvage it
Embarrassing take them all off.
I ****ing hate this club
Oh dear
Humiliation on national TV
Bunch of ****s these players.

****ing frauds
Never mind other people bantering us about trophies

We banter ourselves. Sick of it
Donkey defenders donkey Kong in goal
Quelle bloody surprise.

This, THIS is why we don’t win trophies. This **** tonight. Over and over again.
Holy ****ing **** spearing **** christ of *****land. You ****ing bottlers.
I hate this ****ing team. This is a second string Sheff United FFS.

After the final whistle

I actually hate this club almost as much as Woolwich.
Beat city, get trashed at Leicester, beat Chelsea then lose to these.
This is why the club never achieves **** all, **** **** of a club
Announce Big Sam
**** off Sp**s you set off bottling ****ing wankers can't stand the ****ing lot of this ****ing team

Top to bottom ****ing bottling wankers
So ****ing angry. What a pathetic performance. They should be fed on bread and water for a week
Embarrassing, Sheffield United reserves you useless ****s

Woolwich should hold their title parade at Levy's mansion, but he probably wouldn't care. He'd congratulate them
**** Levy, **** ENIC, **** Conte, **** Stellini, **** every single one of those players.

What a ****ing joke.


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Where my boy Ox at


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Where my boy Ox at
Rosemary's Baby club. Got to be.

Not normal or within explanation what they have done this season.

Anything Arteta touches...

Utterly sickening and one hope left in Spendiola and his blue brigade.
Another injury time winner , the football gods have been upset and they are taking it out on us!
Whatever first born they sacrificed to achieve this level of progress in barely a season is up for debate...

But I wouldn't rule out some serious Devil Soul Selling to get to where they are, from where they were!

We, meanwhile have been plodding along with a bald **** at the helm who doesn't really care either way about ACTUALLY winning anything!

We're royally ****ed... and going backwards, whilst the Arse are winning the league... go figure!

So i see they turned 0-2 to 3-2 in the 97th(!!!) minute!

Ever since they decided to turn their fortunes by cheating in the early 1900´s, they have been showered with luck.

How is that even possible? Karma definitely DOESN´T exist!!!
Thing is, they are 5 clear with 12 games to go...we'd take it in a heartbeat as that is better than anything we had even in Poch's best years...and now we're getting done by Wolves and hoping on 4th...Yeah, we'd change places with them and fancy our chances and we're bigger bottlers than they are...
Have Leicester won a game since beating us?
They are currently everything we are not , makes me want to puke.
Why i didn't have a bet at half time on a Wolves-Woolwich double I don't know. Basically free money
For the first time I’m questioning the point of supporting this football club and considering quitting football altogether
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I reject your reality, I substitute my own !!
Thanks Sp**s
Another day ruined
Can't score a single goal in ****ing 3 games, 2 against dogshit teams, tonight against an AC Milan side who are bang average and leaked goal for fun in Serie A too.

Barely even troubled them, in a game at home, in a do or die situation. The team, Conte, the club have clearly chosen die. Pathetic.
So that's TWO bald ****s who have ruined this club!
Conte is a **** for that Sanchez sub, he's trying to get sacked.
Conte looks like an italian man who's had his japseye violated by a uncooked bit of spaghetti. He's a broken man and needs to spaghettiouttahereee
To go out of 2 cups in a week like that is enough to make anyone angry . I’m effing livid
Can't believe I was 'Conte in" for that long. I actually tried to defend him...defend a man that:

1) gets 5 new signings in the summer and can't get the best out of one of them.

2) states we need "important 60 to 70m signings" then proceeds to treat his one 60m signing like ****.

3) has absolutely zero man management skills and persists with players rather then taking them out the firing line resulting on fans booing player.

4) So egotistical and stubborn that he refuses to change his tactics /formation despite poor performance after poor performance.

5) says he needs a new attacking signing In January only to never play him.
Not gone back and read what's been posted before but we didn't even look like scoring tonight against the easiest draw we could of got.
Hope that Italian prick is gone tomorrow
I might give this a long break. I can **** up my life on my own.
I know I’m terrible for this, but I’m sick of seeing Ben Davies playing for Tottenham. He’s bang average player. His last 15 minutes were some of the worst I’ve seen him st Sp**s. Shambles.

Most of them were ****, but he’s been here for almost 10 years. I had enough.
This club celebrates and encourages mediocrity

No wonder he and many others have stuck around so long
@Mrs Perryman are you there? Is the atmosphere as quiet as it seems on TV?
Yes I was there and TBF, I thought we were quite noisy when we went on the attack - draw your own conclusions from that!
It was cold

It was depressing.

It was passive.

It was lazy

It was disjointed

It was baffling.

It was frustrating

It was tedious.

It was predictable.

Fight for fourth place , so we have to watch performances like that next year

Skipp - fine
Hojbjerg - ok
Kane - ok
Forster - ok
Porro - ok

Everyone else - diabolical

8 million layers of human ****

Fight for 4th place? **** off. 4th means nothing to me.
We've sleep walked out of three cup competitions. Sp**s, who I grew up believing was a "cup team".

You're a disgrace, top to bottom. I've always been a sort-of 60% ENC-Outer, enjoying the scepticism, the baiting of the true believer, largely taking the piss beyond all else.

Not any more. Conte out. Levy Out. ENIC out. Everyone out.

I'm ****ing sick of this.

Bill Madrid almost out.
Oh what ****s we are...

All that nonsense at Norwich last season ... 'Cos we QUALIFIED FOR THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE... and Son got to share the Golden boot with the Egyptian anti-Semite!

well big whoop.... It doesn't matter **** now... 'cos we're out, and for what?
So we can try and qualify for NEXT SEASONS 4th placed trophy so we can limp out at the same stage NEXT season ..
do me a ****ing favour!

I thought SON gave a 'rallying call' that THIS was the MOST important game of the season.....
Well WAS IT?

****ing WAS IT?

Or was it, as I suspect, just another pay day, in the forlorn hope that LOADS of South Korean tourists are gonna make another ****ing cardboard placard asking for your ****ing SHIRT!


they'll soon realise you're NOT Kim Jong Un, and they've been supporting the wrong side all along!!

**** this ****.... We couldn't care less about success...
as long as they're being paid ****LOADS .... And get to play in the best Stadium in the world....

Pity we're stinking it out with the worst football in the world!

I'm out. I'm done.... Genuinely, that's me done.

Where to go from this.
I hope Poch is well rested because he will soon be entering a veritable **** storm

Rex Bezos

Just buy Osimhen 🤷‍♂️
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That Ben Davies point is spot on tbf.

I’ve seen the guy put in the most consistently average performances of any “big club” player I’ve seen playing for Wales.

He’s in the Clichy zone where you can get by if he’s one of your worst players as he’s never going to be a disaster but asking him to contribute anything significantly is a waste of time.

He’s going to retire probably in their top 20 for all time league performances as one of the most forgettable players in recent memory.


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Seeing them turn on Son is crazy, the guy has looked finished all season and that's their fanbase just noticed :lol:
They miss out on top 4 and their rebuild job looks massive - questionable how much they can spend with their debt, plus the amount of players needing replaced.
If they get Conte's replacement wrong they'll be back to a mid-table club before long.


Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

It makes no sense!?! They support Son coz they think he’s Kim Jong? Does he know ANYTHING about the Korean Peninsula or is it all just whatever he gleaned from watching Team America?
Lol its a statement from a Sp**s fan, being a fan of Sp**s makes no sense so any statement they make won’t make sense either


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We're just a joke of a team.

Deserved result.
Conte **** off wiggy.
3 goals conceded in the 2nd half to the bottom side. Just another conte day.
Worst Sp**s side of the last fifteen years or so.

That is worse to watch than anything AvB or Jose served up. He’s an overrated, passive aggressive wig with limbs.

Sack him tonight.
I could blame him for playing 3 of these at the same time every game, maybe. You're right though, these guys are poor.

But I still lay a lot of blame at Conte's fee.
Sigh, I really, really, really ****ing hate this ****ing club.
I feel nothing. Just waiting for next season and a fresh start....yet again.
Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Gareth Bale and Harry Kane etc all fail to win a single trophy between during their careers at this football .


Something rotten at the top of this football club and it ****ing stinks.
This is the one that broke me, I think.
Elite manager telling this squad with kane, son, perisic, kulu, porro etc, to sit back and soak up pressure against a team bottom of the league. Some elite management that is.
Who the **** is pape ****ing sarr. ? I mean who the **** is he ? As if we don’t have enough useless donkey ****s in this team.

Pappe ****ing sarr.
Imagine playing that sort of football and thinking you belong in the Champions League.
If I heard correctly, 3 out of their total 14 goals at home were scored today. We are ****ing ****e, end of.

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