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The Fighting **** & Glory Glory Go Into Meltdown


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If you watch Sp**s channels ,it's like going into bizzaro world. Middle age men saying "Big ups" to each other wtf? and talking about Koreans taking their tickets lol They don't have a clue about attacking football or building a team .
Following the Lee gunner template; I actually thought he has copyright on "Big Up"


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We were better than them

Romero our most dangerous forward. Pretty says it all about the actual forwards

At least in the end it wasn't pathetically easy for them. But losing this game in the first half just ain't acceptable. 2 weeks to have no clue how to defend their big strength, set pieces.

**** these asshole players. Don’t you dare show up for Man City after that ass performance. Those 2 set piece goals were ****ing unacceptable and now we have Woolwich celebrating a title challenge at our own ****ing ground again.

Win the remaining games but lose to City. Simple as that. In fact I would start Gil, Skippy and the rest of our kids. **** the ****.

Let’s pray City win all their remaining matches…

6 minutes with 2 goals a var check and penalty time. The PL wants themselves a title race.

After another average season & our bitter rivals going for the title again. I really don’t know what the enic & levy fans are scared to lose if we roll the dice with new owners. It’s hardly a huge gamble. I’d understand if we actually won stuff under levy & enic.

Absolutely ****. Don’t let the two late goals cloud your judgement

**** this ****

We failed the assignment despite Woolwich doing their best to bottle it.

Never looked like breaking them down and needed two gifts to score. For all this talk of Ange's attacking brand of football it's pretty dull and blunt tbh.
The usual defensive frailties on display. Set pieces are shambles and Davies is finished.

First half unforgiveable.

Ange ball might work with an attacker like Saka/Doku/Foden but it doesn't with our current crop of forwards but we need to improve defensively.

Woolwich definitely didn’t deserve to win that game on the balance of play, even with the chaos. It’s hard to believe that that is the team that might win the league this year based on that performance.

We are not the better team. Or we wouldn’t have been 3 down.

Some of you must be on drugs. We got ****ing embarassed at home. They’re laughing at us.

There's a set piece coach? Or any coach. I don't know what that first half was.

We clawed back a bit of dignity that we should never have lost in the first place. Losing to those ****s at home. ****ing hell.

Absolute garbage. I don't want to hear any bullshit about 2nd half spirit - only reason the last 10 mins were interesting were due to a couple of gifts.

Shocking 2nd half display especially. Zero fightback and no attacking clue whatsoever. **** from Post too, not making the subs required until 60 mins - **** off.

Our players are painfully average.

We’re such a ****ing cucked fanbase that we’ll spend the summer trying to convince ourselves that Solanke is the answer. And we’ll buy Werner and say **** like ‘a great option from the bench at a reasonable price’, like we’re buying ****ing washing up liquid.



Woolwich switched off at half time & came out just to hold onto their lead. They showed no ambition to try & score a 4th.

Why didn't they deserve to win?

They were in cruise control until the Raya assist.

I look at maddison. Got relegated with leicester then got a big move to us. Taken foot of pedal with enthusiasm. Thats a typical tottenham signing. Not prepared to go extra mile. Eze must replace him. Get impression with maddison his ego wont handle it.

We’ll end up with Gallagher

It's like a cult with you lot

My favourite quote of the day was at half time

"We're by far the better team and Woolwich have offered nothing despite us losing 3 nil....."

They would be a good 15 points behind city & Liverpool of a few years ago when they both kept having those close finishes. They have timed it really well.

Only part of that I really enjoyed was Ben Davies clattering that sneaky little ****e Saka twice in three minutes tbh

Poor. A club 4 miles up the road doing better than us is not acceptable.

Pathetic isn't it

I genuinely hate our fans so much

They've enabled 23 years of this ****e

We need to start signing world class players, or at least top of the PL class players!

We have bigger revenues than for example Woolwich these days, so there should be no excuses.

And with FFP rules finally looking to kick in, we should be in a really good position. So no excuses there either.

No point in having possession for the sake of it when, you struggle to create or score .

Kudos to the fans today booing Partey.
Winning a title shouldn't be that important that he's still allowed in the squad. Disgusting club

We were lucky that, Woolwich didn't step it up, otherwise would have been a similar score they beat West ham by.
We should not kid ourselves that, we are just a very average team.

No top defender is scared of Johnson

**** me . We are ****.

Unfortunately we always find a way to lose to them and particularly at the bridge .I just hope against hope we do something this time .I've given up saying we are due a win there.

One season where I'm checked out before it's finished just a tepid end really. Unless we properly get first team players it will be the same next season

Cant remember any time under Ange weve had a comfortable routine victory. Burnley away perhaps but we still shipped two goals. Seems like we have to create a ****ing big mess so we have something to aim for. The balance is not right.

Ange in his press conferences hes not satisfied with pur position. Either hes supremely confident he can win us something or its propagznda bollox covering his arse. Next season its full on. Top 4 and trophy. Nothing less.

They are miles better then us I would delete this thread

**** your mum you ****

The Blades are down, Burnley will be gone by the time we play them. I bet neither roll over for us like they have for other teams.

I think I saw that nobody has conceded as many goals as Sheffield United have in a 38 game season and there's still more to come. 🤣

I suspect we will be ok for 5th in the end, but more because the others will run out of games.

We'll get 5th, which I would have taken at the start of the season.

It's just our performances in the second half of the season give me concern. I thought it would be a bumpy ride but we might improve as it went on - it's been the reverse.

Here's a couple of questions that have been keeping me awake regarding Ange's tactics and team selections.

Are the current Sp**s squad better than the Villa squad? I think yes. Outside of McGinn and Watkins who else would you want from Villa?

Would Emery get more out of the current Sp**s squad, than Ange has been since Christmas, using his coaching methods?

I've watched inferior starting 11 teams, coached by Marco Silva and Eddie Howe, unpick Ange's Sp**s in a similar way to today's **** show.

Woolwich didn't win today. They turned up, were organised and Sp**s lost the game.

I'm sick of watching the locomotion while defending every single corner. It's embarrassing.

Also; VAR should definitely have intervened and disallowed Saka's goal today; regardless of whether they felt Sp**s deserved a penalty. Woolwich gained an advantage from the clear foul on Kulu by Trossard. But that does not excuse the freedom of Haringey which was given to Saka as he entered the Sp**s half in a foot race with Ben Davies.

It's predictably **** and the tactics Sp**s are employing under Ange are a weakness that has been continually exploited.

We are now in AVB territory with Ange.

It isn't good enough and the players seem to have stopped believing in the attacking and defensive methods.

If Ange genuinely doesn't think we need to at least work on our set piece defending, then he's a ****ing idiot and won't make it to Xmas.

Ange is a fake a fraud and imposture literally a Harry redknapp manager , if plan A doesn’t work he doesn’t know what to do .he's shown he’s tactically inept keep doing the same mistakes over and over but won’t do anything to change it corners and vicario come to mind .inverted wingers does not work because we concede to many goals and leave our self wide open at the back what does he do plays the same the the next match .he’s been found out and this team isn’t good enough to win anything playing like this .

Sniper Mik

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Mental, they’re already accepting 5th and no CL because they want the club to bend over for City.
They’d sacrifice CL and the opportunity of signing better players in the hope it stops us winning the league.
:lol: :lol:
Yeah and then they will sh*t on Levy for signing crap players and the cycle will continue

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