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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by kamikaze80, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. PortugueseFan

    PortugueseFan New Member

    Hey guys, Arsenal is my second team and I'm here to talk to real Arsenal fans. Here in portugal there are many fans like me thath support Arsenal. Sorry for my bad english, this is the second reason why I'm here: I want to talk and write better. My first team is Sporting Clube de Portugal, but right now there is a civil war and i don't agree with Sporting's actual direction.
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  2. Phil Romeo

    Phil Romeo New Member

    Hey Guys! I'm a lifelong Arsenal Supporter from Nigeria, been following this forum since the time of Jonathan Chong. I'm an ICT and Real Estate consultant. COYG!!!
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  3. GunnerUK

    GunnerUK Member

    Hey guys new member here I’m from the U.K. and life long Arsenal fan also a member on goonerworld. Big question I ask is how we all feeling for next season with new manager and new Mentalities.

    Can we challenge for title or is it a battle for European football (top4)
  4. Phil Romeo

    Phil Romeo New Member

    I believe this team can challenge for the title. the potential has always been there just a new approach to improve things
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  5. GunnerUK

    GunnerUK Member

    Hope Emery can get us off the ground running a win against Man City opening game would do just that.

    How’s the support for the Arsenal in Nigeria Phil compared to teams like Utd and Liverpool I’ve noticed Arsenal have masses of fans In Ghana and Nigeria :cool:
  6. Phil Romeo

    Phil Romeo New Member

    Arsenal has a large fan base in Nigeria but I think Man U fans are more
  7. Arai

    Arai Moderator Moderator

    Welcome abroad to all of you.

    Enjoy posting! :)
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