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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by kamikaze80, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Tsar

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    Sicher. Öppis anders gits nöd! :)
  2. Ifly_Gooner

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    Hello everyone, I am from India, I work as a Pilot for an airliner with about 7 years of experience. I am 29 years old and I've been an Arsenal fan since the 2006 champions league final. Not the best of times to start supporting but I was getting introduced to the sport and just loved the ideology of the club. The focus on being expansive, expressive, youth, etc basically all the ideologies of Wenger. I have been to Emirates stadium a couple of times during my simulator training in Southampton. Couldn't go wrong with a Bud. Heres hoping for Mikel to be the turnaround king for us. Cheers.
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  3. Natnat

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  4. AD1998

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    Hi all -

    Alex here.

    I’m a longtime lurker from NYC. I’m a lawyer (don’t hate me), and passionate fan of the Arsenal. I started watching football seriously in 2008, and gravitated towards Arsenal, and the team became a passion of mine. I have two favorite arsenal moments during my time as a supporter: Henry scoring in the cup upon his return - what a glorious celebration - and our victory over Barca in the champions league (Arshavinnnnnnn). I hope for many more under Arteta! I look forward to joining the community here, and discussing team building, tactics, and matches in a positive and naively optimistic manner!
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  5. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    A pilot and a lawyer in succession... Well if that isn't the Arteta effect, I don't know what is. Would never have happened in Wenger's last years.
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  6. Nenad

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  7. db.

    db. Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I joined yesterday, but have read the forum for many years.

    My names Dean, I am 41 and have been supporting Arsenal my whole life pretty much, proud to be born into a family of gooners. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of the 500k in the away end at Anfield '89, but that is my favourite Arsenal memory, just from my grandads living room. Regular at Highbury, pre-kids, only get to the Emirates 4-5 times a season now, sadly. Been to a lot of big games in my time, a few cup semi's and finals.

    Heros of mine are Rocky, Wrighty, Titi and I also loved Anders Limpar, spent a lot of my childhood pretending to be him, such an exciting player.

    Looking forward to some decent, sensible chat with you all. Deano
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  8. Arai

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    Welcome guys,

    Enjoy posting.:)
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  9. North West

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    Hi everybody!

    My name's Enrico and I'm typing from Genoa, in the northwest of Italy.

    I've always had a sympathy for Arsenal since I was kid, admiring players such as Ian Wright, Paul Merson, Anders Limpar, Alan Smith, Tony Adams, David Seaman, etc. However, I didn't begin to regularly follow the Arsenal until August 16, 2008 when I found myself surrounded by Gooners at the Mabel's Tavern in Mabledon Place. The Premier League was kicking off that day, we would be hosting WBA at lunch time. Nasri scored after a few minutes, the stadium erupted, the pub erupted, and Arsenal left a mark in my heart.

    In January 2012, I relocated to Lancaster, in the North West of England (that's why I chose this name). On my first weekend there, I watched us losing 3-2 at Swansea in a Turkish fast food. That season we'd already been thrashed 8-2 at Old Trafford. Not the best time for a Gooner to live so close to Manchester? Well, it's always a good time to be a Gooner, anywhere, isn't it?

    I left England in 2018, for a very brief time I've lived in the northwest of Spain (don't know what to say, I must be a 'northwest person'), now I'm back in Italy. Goes without saying, Arsenal's still in my heart. I've been very wordy, so what else could I say? Just COYG!
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  10. Clerais

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    Im French, 29yo, living in Paris (the worst kind of French) but coming from Nice (Ineos colony).
    Arsenal fan since the end of the 20th century. I still wear my dreamcast jersey that i conveniently bought largely oversized when I was 11. Well-known amongst my french friends as "the idiot who will not let go of his favorite team, even though they have been torturing him for the past 10 years".
    I dont care, I love this club. And this forum is my new favorite place to hang out and fake working.
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  11. greekgooner

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    Hello my name is Haris i am from athens greece and iam 33 years old. I started support arsenal from 2000 because of wenger and the attacking football the team played. At the pre-livestream era i could not see the team play live easily but nowdays everything is easier. I have go to see the team on the field twice in leoforos stadium when we faced panathinaikos( the team i support in greece) and both matches were so close. I believe that Mikel is our last chance to win the league with that club and financial structure othrwise we must be like city or chelsea which i dislike. Cheers to all gooners.
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  12. psycho_chihuahua

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    Hey guys.. wow! I am visiting this forum after years!! I've been a member since 2006 and was quite the regular back then. Not sure why I stopped visiting this forum, I guess due to all the social media platforms that took off after.
    Anyway I'm back (with my same username that too), and hopefully a little more regular. Any of the OGs still around?
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  13. Paul N

    Paul N New Member

    Hi guys,

    I hope your all keeping safe and well just posting a little about myself I’m a freelance graphic and illustration designer. And I’m a crazy arsenal fan!

    Up the gunners

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  14. Stoof

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    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is safe and well. Just recently joined as i was bored of Facebook groups not really facilitating great discussion. Have been a supporter for close to 30 years, what a journey the club has been on through that time!

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