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Discussion in 'The Arsenal Academy Page' started by aevi, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Do you know anything about Marcelo Flores. Is he playing with u16 at the moment?

    Why always 4 minute highlights? :rofl: So the game always have same amount of action? :lol:
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    Don't know anything yet. Catalin Cirjan definitely looks good though. Considering he's been playing against adults since he was 14, I'm not that surprised - but I'm looking forward to seeing his development. I'll try to find that video of his clips.

    The shortness of the clips is very annoying but that's the coverage so what can you do. I am gonna try and reach Emirates this week for the U23 game - should be a good match, although not sure how strong the team will be.
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  4. Vanfrothan

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    There was an interview with Miguel Azeez in the Arsenal programme at the weekend - he's a confident boy isn't he?!

    Q. Who from the academy will definitely make it?
    A: Me!

    Q: Most skills in the locker?
    A: Kido

    Q: Most two footed?
    A: Me and Kido.

    Q: Most committed?
    A: Me!

    Q: Most confident?
    A: Me.

    Q: Best hidden talent?
    A: Me - I can break dance!
  5. Vanfrothan

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    Bit sad hearing some of his answers though.

    Q. Best friend in football?
    A: Yunus Musah

    Q. Who do you combine best with?
    A: Yunus Musah

    Still don't understand why Musah left to be honest. Can't believe a 16 year old would be that impatient to leave a club, who have a track record for giving academy players a go, so soon.
  6. cannel

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    Valencia offer him exactly the same as Arsenal as well as the chance to learn a new language, experience another culture, meet new people and broaden his horizon in general. I'm surprised so many young players stay in the same academy for so long and don't switch every couple of years. At 20 they've spent three quarters of their life going to the same facilities, working with the same people, doing the same routine. I would definitely take the chance to switch it up from time to time. Even from a development standpoint it makes sense to try to incorporate different philosophies into your game.
    The only reason I see to stay put, is to increase your chance of actually breaking through. But if you're a top talent like Musah and reasonably sure you will break through wherever you play, there is really no reason to stick around.
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  8. Geofranco

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    I like this kids technique. Good size on him too, could be a real threat.
  9. MutableEarth

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    Heard hes a very good finisher. Has 2 goals in 2 sub appearances now so something to it. Seems comfy with the ball, good athletic presence. Very interesting - a name with little hype delivering.

    Not quite got the results yet but I'm quite impressed with some of the players in this intake so far.
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  10. Geofranco

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    It looks like a lot of the first year scholars in this group are really good technically.

    Still most excited by Azeez because of the position he plays and his physical and athletic potential.

    We simply don't have that many prospects playing the 6.

    We have an abundance of attacking mids, wingers and forwards, but not many DMs, CBs or GKs of quality coming through the academy.

    Really hopeful for Okonkwo to fulfill his potential.

    Perfect size and athleticism for a GK, pretty good on the ball too.

    Monlouise, the young CB looks pretty good too.
  11. American_Gooner

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  12. MutableEarth

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    Miguel Azeez turned 17 either today or yesterday. His first pro contract is imminent. I read before that its 3 years with an option for 2 year extension. Huge contract if true.

    Undoubtedly the big name in the current scholar intake.
  13. MutableEarth

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    Pretty bad loss against a team we likely would have beaten easily last season. Lot of 1st years not quite gelling to this level quite yet. Must take time to get going.
  14. MutableEarth

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    Kido Taylor-Hart with his first of the season. Has taken a while to make a proper impact so far. Most of the team has to be honest. The step up from u16s proving to be quite difficult for a lot of these 1st years. I expect the group to get stronger quite quickly though. They are promising, but inexperienced for this level presently.
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  17. Geofranco

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    Looks like Cottrell is already above that level. Needs to start getting more time in U23 football.

    This group has a lot of playmakers, but not enough killer instinct.

    Hart, Azeez, Greenwood, Cottrell and Cirjan look more like chance creators than finishers.

    All very technical, but no goal machines among them.

    They really need their own Nketiah/Balogun.

    Someone just ruthless in front of goal. Maybe that Khaylon Edwards kid will suffice.

    Looks to be scoring for fun at U16 level, he may need a step up.

    Really like the look of Kido Taylor Hart, very smooth on the ball. And Azeez is a joy to watch.
  18. MutableEarth

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    Yeah. They are playing great football but perhaps the sharpness in the front 3 isn't quite there. Greenwood is really good to be fair but I dont get out and out CF vibes from him. Luke Plange seems to be the odd one out from this bunch. Looks a real goalscorer. Matthews is a 2nd year but doesn't look that convincing. Reminds me of Austin Lipman. Good technician and overall presence but you wonder if it'll translate higher up. He got the winner though so could be a launching point.

    I'm looking at those wing positions though and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Butler-Oyedeji (I hope I'm not butchering the lads name). He looks like if he adds some end product he could transform that side a bit more. Also this Mexican kid we signed is apparently brilliant. Could see some replenishment from the u16s that will be helpful.

    Cottrell is definitely ready for a step up. Could see him replacing Coyle or John-Jules (playing as 10). Just seems a real clever and diligent technician.
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  19. Afro Mugo

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    Wilshere re-incarnated.
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  20. Geofranco

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    Azeez will be Busquets with flair, Patino will be Xavi, don't know who will be Iniesta. Maybe Hutchinson. Marcelo Flores is the Mexican Messi.

    Patino doesn't have the explosive acceleration like young Jack. Wilshere at his best used to glide past players for fun, not seeing that sort of pure talent in Patino who looks like more of a passer, setting tempo and controlling the flow of the game.

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