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Discussion in 'The Arsenal Academy Page' started by Aevi, Aug 9, 2019.

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    The conditions were horrible and these non category 1 u18 teams are always good in the youth cup. There are alot of interesting players coming up. Good to know the conveyer belt doesn't end with Saka. I'm intrigued by Patino and Azeez. I really hope they make it . Have all the attributes I like in a midfielder.
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    They seem as though they could be an excellent pairing as well as good individual talents. Decent athletes, great passers. I think the issue with both of them as that they'd both be great #6s so they'd vie for the same spot. I think Azeez could easily end up being an #8 though because his forward play is actually quite good and coaches will be tempted to use him further forward. Patino is very sharp though, and smart in deeper areas in how he moves. Glides like Wilshere on the ball.

    The next year group of scholars coming up look very intriguing - particularly as there are more defenders in that one aswell. Monlouis, Foran and Awe all talented. Then there's Bandeira in midfield, Patino technically part of the same group. Going forward there's Flores, Edwards and of course Omari Hutchinson. Good set of youngsters there. Hopefully Taylor-Hart returns soon, as he's the most promising winger at the moment in terms of the 1st years.
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