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The Wish List

The Mini

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Which players would you like to join Arsenal? How would they fit into our style of play? Would Wenger want to change their position?

The choice is yours, search around to find interesting people to be on the Arsenal Mania Wishlist! Once someone has said a player, try and find things about them as well.

Start wishing!

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First post on The Wish List.


I've been impressed by his CL performance against Chelski and he would probably fit in at THOF. We don't need this player, but I wouldn't say no. Quick, tricky, clever, lively, creative and hard-working, he might be the sort of player useful to break teams down when they get 11 men behind the ball.


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buffon - dont anyone say lehman's better.
drogba, was VERY impressd with hiim, against liverpool, n newcastle.
shaun wright-phillips - would play as a right winger, hard workin, quick, n scores goals, i think he would fit in erfectly
Micahel Owen - Depending on whether Liverpool qualify for Champs lge or not and if Wenger actually wants him? Owen has 1yr on his contract, I believe, so Liverpool are in position to refuse if a club makes a firm bid. Especially if they haven't made the champs lge and Owen doddles too long on a decision to sign a new contract. Plus I feel he would find a new lease of life playing in a side like ours. He just looks lost in that Liverpool side (In my opinon). And for those concerned that Owen would merely feed off the other players, if he ever came to us (If that makes sense) I feel Sir Arsène can change his game and whilst keeping Owen's good points, ie. pace, predetory instincts, he can also expand and add to Owen's game, which would benefit the team as a whole. I know people will say we don't need a another striker. But I think we do. Personally I think the likes of Jeffers, Kanu and maybe even Wiltord have NO futures at the club. Also, for someone reason I see Reyes as Pires' long-term replacement. (He made his name playing on the left side of midefield). Van Pierse I thinbk will his first season mostly in the reserves to help settle him in. Bentley's going on loan next season and there's still the question of whether Aliadiere (Sp) is good enough for our side? And with Wenger saying Bergkamp won't play as often as next season. I feel a proven striker would make the world of difference (And take some of the goal burden off Henry upfront). If not Owen then Morientes or Trezeguet. But I don't think Juventus will sell him anytime soon.

Mexes or young centre back - Whilst I like Mexes I can't help but feel if Wenger REALLY wants him or not? I know this may seem like a silly question but I just feel that if Wenger REALLY wanted him, he would of gotten him by now. And it's not as if Wenger hasn't had the opportunity to buy him. He could have bought him last summer or even during the January trasnfer window. But he didn't! Personally I think Mexes will go to Roma from what I've been hearing, but if he did come to us I wouldn't complain. But whatever happens, I feel we made need, preferrably, a yong centre-back to back up Sol and Kolo. Senderos is there but he seems to be getting injured quite alot since he's been here. Keown (What a legend!) will probably be released in the summer and Cygan I'm still not entirely sure of.

Niemi or good, young keeper - Whilst Lehman is NOT a bad keeper and it would be very hard to crticize his performances in the league, it's just his temperament which leads me to believe that he could potentially be a liability and a red card just waiting to happen. Like Sothampton game at St.Mary's when he threw the ball at Kevin Phillips' head. Or in the FA cup Semi-Final when he went up and push Cristiano Ronaldo on the floor. Or even at WHL when he tried to squash Keane's head. It's just petulant behaviour and is NOT needed. IF Wenger decides to keep him I can live with it, but if he doesn't I would go with either Niemi, he's been sound for Southampton all season, or a good young keeper. Frey is good but I'm not sure if he's Arsenal's material. Paul Robinson I use top rate VERY HIGHLY but I think he's a bit overrated. And he can go to them down the Lane.

And if any of you fellow gooners can give me some feedback on these theories of mine I would greatly appreciate it.

1. I don't why this is, but I feel Wenger has more money to spend in the summer then he is perhaps hinting? From the qoutes attributed to him that I've read and what he says on TV. He says that he doesn't have/or won't spend much money in the summer. Wenger NEVER usually reveals his intentions of transfer targets to the media. But if any of you fellow gooners remember the Press Conference that confirmed the funding for Ashburton Grove had been put in place, I could have sworn that there was an interview with Arsenal director Keith Friar on SkySports news and he was saying something along the lines of "There will be a substancial outlay of finances at Arsène's disposal in the summer if he choses to spend it." I think this was because of an agreement made between the Arsenal board and the banks. I think he also added that this outlay was so that by 2006, when the building was scheduled to be completed, Wenger would have the strongest possible squad to compete with Europe's best. And this was AFTER the José Reyes transfer had happened. If anyone can remeber this, please tell me if Friar had said this and stand me corrected.

2. There's this quote of Wenger finding a " gem" which make me believe that one MAJOR signing will be done in the summer. I DON'T think it will be Beckham (I don't think we really need him). But I have this sneaky suspicion that a BIG signing of some sort will be made.


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Kim Källström - Midfielder - Rennes hopefully you can have a look at him during Euro 2004 and not just in CM04 :D

Beckham - ofcourse and I don´t care about the media-hype around him, hey Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs around, if they can´t handle it they don´t belong there! And I certainly don´t care that he´s played for Manure, hey didn´t Sol play for that other team from London? :D

And maybe we can find something from that Division 1 side Leeds United...


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Some more young Dutch talent

I'd go for the Ajax generation:
Sneijder, 2 footed central midfielder, great tackler and amazing shot in both feet!
Heitinga, back-up CB and RB, great tackler and header and got a very decent long ball
VDV, no explenation needed

since it's a wish list, get ronaldinho and RVN.
ronaldinho of course, but thats pretty much impossible
realistically, i reckon trabelsi would be a good replacement for lauren
back to unrealistically, john terry or woodgate could come into central defense and kolo (the man) can come onto the right
And heres 1 just 4 laffs: roy keane (stoopid bastard) alongside viera...

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On a slightly more serious, yet unrealistic not:

Terry should come and play centre mid with Vieira, he has a good attcking mind and can defend. Him and Vieira would destroy the opposition.


olof mellberg from villa. Very consistant, strong, good in the air, leadership qualities, and highly underrated.


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mike said:
olof mellberg from villa. Very consistant, strong, good in the air, leadership qualities, and highly underrated.

Would be great to see him in Arsenal, Swedish skipper Mellberg had a legendary fight during a training bust up with Freddie in Japan before the World Cup two years ago, really good stuff! Got blown way out of proportion, but the clips were fun to watch. The both of them are the two pretty-boys in the national side. During the weekend I read Bobby Robson was interested in Mellberg. I hope Villa will reach the CL, would like to see a team in CL lead by a Swedish skipper!

Mellberg is quality!
i reckon da newest transfer gossip about valdes, altho probably fake, raises my hopes up da most den ne other realistic target because i watch la liga alot and dis guy is amazing, and is still so young...he single handedly stopped the supposd "best team in da world" madrid (well all kno arsenal is da best newayz) and has been consistent all year round...
a cheaper option i wouldnt mind is santiago canizares from valencia, hoo in my opinion is world class and shud be spains no.1, but i doubt valencia will let him go cuz hes dere captain as well...hes quite old too

The Mini

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Now I'll write this in normal English

PlatinumByte said:
I reckon the newest transfer gossip about valdes, although probably fake, raises my hopes up the most than any other realistic target because I watch la liga alot and this guy is amazing, and is still so young...he single handedly stopped the supposed "best team in the world"; madrid (we all know arsenal is the best anyway) and has been consistent all year round...
a cheaper option i wouldnt mind is santiago canizares from valencia, hoo in my opinion is world class and should be spains no.1, but i doubt valencia will let him go because hes their captain as well...hes quite old too


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Xabi alonso...the midfielder real are targetting...would be excellent alongside paddy....and a future partnership with edu....mmmmm


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Keepers - Canizares, Taylor & Stack
Right back - Lauren & Hoyte
Centre backs - Campbell, Toure, Senderos & Dawson
Left backs - Cole & Clichy
Right midfield - Pennant & Shaun Wright Phillips
Centre midfield - Vieira, Hargraves, Edu & Gilberto
Left midfield - Pires & Milner
Forwards - Henry, Reyes, Van Persie, Aliadiere & Bentley

I would love to have a squad like that 24 very very good players.

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