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———————ESR/John Jules————————
—Matt Smith/Cottrell——Burton—————

That midfield would get bullied week in week out.


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I agree it might be a shrewd signing, tho Lichsteiner has scarred me a bit when it comes to signing aging full-backs.
Obviously Lich turned out to be a failure but I do still think it was a shrewd signing to make at the time. Didn’t work out but not all players do


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———————ESR/John Jules————————
—Matt Smith/Cottrell——Burton—————
I don't see much goals in the front 3. Quite a small team aswell and not terribly quick either. Would probably do quite well in some games and terribly in others. Good technical players but no other outstanding feature. Would get overrun quickly in more intense games.

The 2nd lineup same deal. A Much quicker lineup to be fair and potentially dangerous like 1st lineup but that midfield would get mown over in a heartbeat. Imbalanced. I like that 2nd lineup, but it would be much better with Nketiah or John-Jules at the top. Hutchinson does not need to be there as he isn't even ready for U18 football, I don't know why you keep including him in immediate 1st team discussion at this point. Willock next to Smith could work.


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I am worried that we are not going to sign a first team player this summer. Absolutely cheap owner.

We cannot even get Tierney over the line and he costs around 20m.


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Tierney, Ceballos (loan), Saliba, Everton/Zaha, Kimpembe/ Rugani (loan O2B)

GK: Leno, Martinez*, Macey*
RB: Bellerin*, AMN*
LB: Tierney, Monreal, Kola
CB: Holding*, Chambers*
CB: Kimpembe, Sokratis
DM: Torreira, Xhaka
CM: Ceballos, Douzi
AM: Iwobi*, Willock*, Özil
RW: Auba, Nelson*
CF: Laca, Nketiah*
LW: Everton, Miki, Saka*

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Zaha, Tierney, New Starting CB

Bellerin, New CB, Holding, Tierney
Torreirra, Xhaka
Zaha, Lacazette, Aubameyang

AMN, Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasniac
Chambers, Guendozi
Neilson, Nketiah, Iwobi

Macey, Monreal, Willock, Neilson, Özil

Sell - Koscileny, Myhkitarian,


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We got Ceballos for free. I'd like for us to spend whatever budget we have on one good player rather than two mediocre.

That should be a Winger or a CB. I'd rather get a Winger (zaha type fast technical) than a CB. I have good hopes for Holding and Chambers.


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We got Saliba & Ceballos now add Dani Alves, a world class CB, Tierney and Zaha and this summer will be on the best we have ever had.

My dream for that CB position would be Koulibaly.

Bellerin Sokratis Koulibaly Tierney
Torreira Willock
Zaha Ceballos PEA

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For the remainder of the window:

In: Dias (€40m) / Kimpembe (€35m) / Rugani (€30m) / Upamecano (€35m), Soares (€40m), Tierney (€25m), Alves (€5m altogether)

Out: Elneny (€10m), Bielik (€10m), Amaechi (€2.5m), Asano (€2m), Koscielny (€5m), Mustafi (€15m), Mkhitaryan (€15m), Kolasinac (€15m) / Monreal (€5m)


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We have loan Ceballos for CAM, and will have Saliba next summer. Next priority should be LB>Left footed CB>CDM>RB.
LB : Tierney consistently linked, alternatively better deal for Aaron Martin and Ryan Sesegnon (20-25 M)
Left Footed CB : Zagadou>Kimpembe>Niakhate>N'Dicka, just from the French national youth teams, to catalyze partnership at club and country with Saliba. 20-30 M for one of them.
RB : Mukiele (20-25 M, also plays CB, Leipzig has Klostermann as 1st choice, so might be available)>Dumfries (15-20 M, 1st choice for PSV and Oranje)>Dani Alves/Juanfran for free.
CDM : Partey (45 M, dream)>Roca (20-30 M, Dani C's partner in Spain U21)>Grillitsch (20-30M, great for Hoffenheim)

If we can sell some deadwoods then next are \Winger (but I dont think we can sell the deadwoods) :
Winger : Cheaper prospects after above spending, like Marcus Thuram (10-15 M), he is big, fast, strong, good dribbler, good scorer, and good header.

1st team :
Bellerin ------------Sok------------ZAGADOU----------------TIERNEY
---------------------Dani C----------------ROCA---------------------------

2nd team :

Youths : Medley; Willock; ESR; Saka; Martinelli; John-Jules

About 150 M spend including Saliba, while selling Kos (2), Monreal (3), Mustafi (10), Elneny (10), Xhaka (30), Miki (10), total net spend 85 M.

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If everything comes real and we get Tierney and Pépé, then I would take a starting Centre back and that would be a great transfer period

Aubameyang Lacazette Pépé
Xhaka Torreira
Tierney New CB. Sokratis Bellerin


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Assuming we do get Pepe and Tierney/other new LB, then we must get 1 good CB to challenge for top 3. Want to see us try 442 diamond ala Milan of Kaka-Seedorf-Gattuso-Pirlo, think we can replicate them pretty close :

Bellerin---Sok/Holding---New CB---Tierney/New LB
Torreira---Dani C
2 of Auba/Laca/Pepe

Can be an awesome set up.

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