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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

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    We've signed a player directly from South America each window since Edu arrived. Assuming we were to sign another one this coming window, who's the most likely/realistic/best option?

    I can remember links to the defender Bruno Fuchs and the attackers Gabriel Veron and Thiago Almada. We've not been linked but personally I think Everton Cebolinha is ready for a step up and could be a very high scoring wide player were Auba to sign a new deal and move central.

    Shouldn't only be signing from S. America, but I'd expect a few more in the coming windows.
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    For next year, i expect only 2 significant signing:

    -Partey (top priority)
    -Coutinho (on loan): Assuming we manage to offload Mesut and his 350K£ per week salary. Coutinho is on 240K£ at Barcelona which is huge also but much less than Özil. Edu and Raul have enough connections with Brazil/Barcelona to get it done. I would prefer Aouar for his versatility and his age but he would cost easily 50M and we can't afford that especially if we sign Partey.

    And one extra (conditional as well):

    -Fekir: Assuming Aubameyang is sold after refusing to extend (i don't see why he would extend unless he receives no interesting offer). Fekir is still only 26 y.o and he using Betis as a stepping stone. At Lyon he played everywhere, left, right, 10, striker. Gifted technically and can score from far.

    -And no more defenders because we just have too many in the books and it won't be easy to offload them.

    So for the scenario where Aubameyang stays (unlikely):

    AMN Chambers Saliba Tierney
    Partey Xhaka
    Pépé. Aubam' Saka​
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  5. Swap
    Thomas Partey for Guendouzi
    Thomas Lemar for Lacazette
    Justin Kluivert for Mykitariam + 10m

    Coutinho - In
    Ceballos - In
    ESR - Out

    Riess Nielsen - 8m
    Kolasniac - 10m
    Sokratis - 5m
    AMN - 10m

    Rot in Reserves as we know he won’t leave


    Leno, Martinez, Macey
    Bellerín, Soares
    Saliba, Mustafi, Chambers / Holding
    Mari, Luiz, Holding
    Tierney, Saka
    Partey, Torreira, Xhaka
    Countinho, Willock, Ceballos
    Pepe, Kluivert
    Lemar, Martinelli
    Aubameyang, Edouard, Nketiah
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    WHY on GODS green earth am I seeing so many people rooting for us to buy bloody Lemar?? He has 3 goals and 6 assists in 2 seasons with Atletico, both sets of figures from last year as he has contributed sweet **** all this season.

    I just have to ask what's going in peoples mind? The biggest problem of Arsenal is sup-par players with wages too high you can't sell them, and people want a player that has been good 2 seasons ago, for one season to be exact? WHY?
  7. MutableEarth

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    It's the Wish List - there's usually a lot of weird **** in here :lol:
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    Someone mentioned about untapped Scottish potential. If we are really keen this young man would be a step in the right direction. He scored 15 goals from midfield as an 18 year old. He was meant to sign for Celtic for 3m for the 19/20 season. Celtic actually announced the deal and then he failed the medical. He has missed all of this season.

    I think he is an incredible talent and available for around 2m. You dont get many midfielders in England who scored 15 goals from centre midfield available for that price at that age either. I dont see where the risk is.

    I'm also conscious of the fact last time Celtic went in big (and 3m was the fee Celtic agreed which is big internally in Scotland) was for John McGinn. Celtic refused to pay 5m and now you wouldnt get McGinn for less than what 35 to 40m.

    Buy him on a 5 year deal and loan him to Celtic for 2 years or to a lower EPL team or promotion chasing championship team. Worst case he isnt good enough for our level but bags enough goals to be sold at considerable profit.

    I think he has the talent. And his medical issues are now cleared up
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    Apparently Vivianne Miedema has a younger brother who plays in the Dutch 2nd division. Maybe we should consider keeping an eye on him considering his sister is the GOAT.
  10. Impact

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    Funnily enough, I was thinking John McGinn would be a shrewd pick up for us in the LCM position if Arteta wants to replicate City's 4-3-3 system.

    The jury is out on his short high volume passing ability: is he not capable or are his low numbers a result of playing at Villa who have a direct style?

    But what he has in spades is the ability to dribble directly through the middle of the pitch. We haven't had that since Diaby/Wilshere. Guardiola's quotes below highlight how important that is. Not to mention his general industry and pressing ability, similar to our resident Scot, Kieran Tierney.

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    I think McGinn is the type of player Arsenal need in the middle of the park,high energy,box to box player to drive the team forward,doesn’t always need to be big name superstars to make a great team,I wouldn’t say Liverpool for example have superstars in centre midfield but they play to there strengths and it works in the system that Klopp sets out.
  12. Football Manager

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    Gouiri, Szoboszlai, Tonali
  13. HairSprayGooners

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    I will try to be as realistic as I can with this... The inner ramblings of my mind lol.

    I think we have as close to a world class keeper as you can get. Along with one of the best backup keepers in the league, so that's fine. Leno and Martinez plus Leno is back in training at the end of July so its crisis adverted.

    In terms of full backs I think Tierney, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Cedric and AMN will be our options for the upcoming season. Unless an offer comes in for Bellerin he will stay. If he leaves then the obvious replacement is Max Aarons. I'd personally sell Bellerin. I think Cedric and AMN are better. But realistically Bellerin will probably stay.

    Centre backs is a weird one right now. Going into the summer window we'll have Sokratis, Luiz, Mari, Mustafi, Holding, Chambers, Saliba and Mavropanos on the books. Yet the ones in bold are the only ones we know are definitely staying. Mavro will go and then I'm not sure from there. The rest will be difficult to sell. I *think* we'll be able to get rid of 3 of the list above. I'm going with Mavropanos, Sokratis and Mustafi. And i'd expect £20M from the three. £20M into the transfer kitty. In terms of signings we're obviously after a new CB and Upamecano is clearly wanted by the club. A lot is dependant on European football but someone like him or Gabriel would be perfect. I want us to spend 30-40M on a very good CB this summer.

    Central midfield is just as stacked with numbers as CB. Knowing Arteta wants to play a 433 then these are our current options... Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, Willock, Elneny, Mikky, Özil, Smith Rowe, AMN and recently Saka as the LCM. 10 options for three spots. Mikky and Elneny will definitely go and Özil will either stay and sit on the bench or go, so he's as good as good imo. Torreira seems out of favour and Guendouzi is kicking up a stink. The only ones in that list I think will definitely stay are Xhaka, Willock, Smith Rowe although he's likely to be loaned, AMN and Saka. If we can get £35M for Guendouzi and sell Özil that's a success. Bring in Thomas Partey with either a swap or his release clause of £42M. Ideally I'd then add someone like Grealish or Aouar as the third midfielder. I think the best thing to do would be sign Partey at the base with Saka and a new signing. Realistically however I think we'll end up having a midfield trio of Partey, Saka and Xhaka next season.

    Onto the forwards. Laca and Auba the big talking points. I think the most likely scenario is that one of them goes. And I think it'll be Auba. He's 31 now, constantly gets played out of position on the left and would take 300k a week to secure his service for max another 2 seasons. In an ideal world we use Lacazette in the Partey deal and sign a left winger. Tie Auba down and actually use him up front. A front three with a new left winger, Auba and Pepe is excellent on paper. But right now its very unbalanced and there's a lot of things up in the air. Either way unless two players leave I think we'll only make one signing in attacking areas. Leaving us with Martinelli, Nelson, Nketiah, Auba/Laca, Pepe and Saka plus one new signing.
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    If we are definitely moving a 433 next season, isn't anyone worried how defensive a Xhaka and Partey will be together? I think our biggest problem right now is the lack of creativity and our inability to make the ball stick in the final third. I think it should be one of Xhaka or Partey. Preferably the Ghanaian.

    Look at City's front 6:

    Silva-Rodri-De Bryune

    United's front 6:

    Chelsea's front 6 (confirmed new signings):

    Liverpool's front 6:



    That's the competition we are up against next season. Now you realise how little creativity and goals we have. Arteta also said he wants goals from his midfielders in a press conference today.

    Arsenal now

    Arsenal hopefully:

    None of the top 6 play with 2 DM's. You could argue Liverpool do with Henderson and Fabinho but that's only because they have the most creative right back in world football. AMN, Bellerin and Cedric are not creative monsters who can afford to be lax defensively. So, I expect them to defend well. Anyways, that is my dream.
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    I wonder what the reaction would be like if we went ahead and signed say Dunk, McGinn and Cantwell for 70-80? I'd guess outrage!

    Those 3 would necessarily be my picks, but I'd live to see some proven Premier League talent.

    Dunk/Ake/Diop for cb, Cantwell/McGinn/Dacoure for cm and then one marquee signing (Partey, Coutinho or Zaha).
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  17. The_Playmaker

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    Arteta is a modern coach. Formations mean nothing to him. It's all about distances and spaces. We could go through multiple formations in a game. What he needs is adaptable and flexible players. It's probably why we are not going for Szlobozslai. Don't think about players who play 1 specific position. Those are goldilocks players we need to move away from.

    Lacazette - can only function in a 2 man attack
    Özil- can only play 10
    Guendouzi - needs legs around him
    Torreira- needs height and legs around him
    Xhaka- needs the entire system to cater to him
    Sokratis- CB only, not a good enough passer

    Now think of the players we have who can play multiple positions but lack quality:

    Kola- lcb, lb WB but not good enough technically or defensively.
    Mustafi - CB, rcb, RB, but two error prone and physically insecure
    Luiz - cb in 3 or 4, but error prone
    Holding- cb in 3 or 4, but physically insecure

    There are 3 exceptions in my opinion where you don't need a player with any flexibility. However they have to be good enough to allow them to be in one place.

    For example, if Xhaka was press resistant and able to beat a man, but still lacked defensive ability and pace. An exception could be made.
    If you have a Kane or Haaland type killer, they always stay central. A centre back who is good enough to always be in the centre.

    So when we look at cbs who are left footed:

    Matviyenko-can play lcb cb and lb. Has the pace to do it all.
    Gabriel- can play cb and lcb, also has pace.
    Sarr- cb, lcb, lb. He's free ffs.
    Ndicka- cb, lcb,lb. Cheap.

    When we look at strikers:
    Edouard- can play wide, 10, as a lone forward or in a 2.
    David- can play anywhere across the midfield and the front line.

    Matheus Henrique - 6, 8, 10
    Partey- 6, 8 rb and probably cb.
    Kamara- 6, cb

    We need to evolve and we are.

    Saka - lb, lwb, lm, lw,cm in a 3, am, rm, rw. Probably false 9 too.
    Nelson- rb, rwb, rm, lm, rw,lw, cm in a 3.
    Martinelli - lm, lw, cf
    ESR - lm,lw, cm in a 3, am
    Willock - lw,rw, lm, rm, cm, am, dm
    Nketiah - cf, rw, lw
    Tierney- cb,lcb, lb lwb, lw, lm and probably lcm in a 3.
    Saliba- cb, rcb, rb probably dm.
    Pepe - rw, rm, am, cf.
    Auba - cf, lw, rw, lm, rm.
    Bellerin - rwb, rb (although suspect physically atm)

    When you have players who can be comfortable in different areas of the pitch it makes your team dangerous. It creates movement, it allows you to adapt to situations, it means you save substitutions in game, players can move around without feeling uncomfortable.

    When Xhaka drives into midfield he gets uncomfortable and draws a foul. When AMN moved from rb with the ball into cm plays a pass, gets it back overlaps and runs down the right wing, that is what makes your team dynamic. I believe Arteta wants a whole team of that.
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  19. Football Manager

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    You are exactly correct.

    But there is one thing that we have to be careful of, which is buying multifunctional players for the sake of it. Because some of these players are being called “all rounded” and can play in multi positions just because they are not good at anything in particular (averagely good, but nothing spectacular).

    I think for some positions, we can go for multifunctional players, and for some position we don’t need them. It really depends on the tactics.
  20. Football Manager

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    Most team arrive to the same final shape in attacking phase. How to achieve this final shape from your defending phase can be different.

    1) and 3) are the same final shape occupied by different players. Which is achieved from the same starting line up 2) or 4) with different player movements. [2) resulted in 1)][4) resulted in 3)]

    Notice in 2), you just need your full backs to have good stamina and pace. The wingers are more of an inside forward type, and they have to be good at finishing. But generally, you don’t need them to have that multi positional nature.

    But if you take the 4) approach, you really need your full backs to have that attributes of a CM. And here wingbacks’ stamina and pace are less important than the 2) approach. And for the CM now, they becomes second strikers, so other than normal CM attributes, they also have to be good at dribbling, finishing. This is where we need those multifunctional players.
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