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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

  1. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    Big fan of his. I see his future as a central defender though.
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  2. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    Yeah sell the numpty and buy the Lamptey.
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  3. Sebastes

    Sebastes Statbomb Merchant

    Yeah, can defo see this as well. But seeing he does well as a DM I’d look at him (for a reasonable price) if Partey wouldn’t happe
  4. Sebastes

    Sebastes Statbomb Merchant

    How much of this is playing as WB though and would he do as well in a back four?

    I’ve seen people arguing tvat AMN is better as WB, Sp**s purchase of Doherty was almost slaughtered on here because ”he can’t play RB”.

    He’s looked really good though, agree on that :)
  5. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Maybe he could be a winger because he spent all the match in the Newcastle half. Just looks like he had “it”.
  6. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member

    Afraid to wishlist anyone after what they did with Özil.

    I will enjoy my favorite players at their clubs from now.
  7. Jakarta

    Jakarta Well-Known Member

    Posting stuff of dreams...although if I were a Chelsea fan it would be realistic considering their window this summer smh



    Throw Milik on in games where teams park the bus.

    Jeeeez man I would watch every game live if we had a team like this.
  8. Mitch

    Mitch Bellerin Upgrade Advocate

    Lamptey or J.Ward.
  9. Balboa

    Balboa Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see Arsenal find a midfield baargain with the potential to improve a lot. Ibrahim Sangaré might be worth a punt if it's true he can be bought for £10 million with a year left on his deal...

    These are the types of players you want to buy BEFORE Leicester/Southampton buy them....
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  10. asukru

    asukru Well-Known Member

    This is one way we can go and we used to do this OR we can go and pay big bucks for established stars. I would say mix the two, for instance we can get Aouar & Sangare instead of Partey.
  11. Balboa

    Balboa Well-Known Member

    If spending more money, an Aouar type signing is preferable to signing older, more established players like Özil or Sanchez, who saw Arsenal as a step down, or Pepe where Raul decided to overpay to get structured payments certainly...
  12. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Partey, Aouar and even though we don't need him Callum Hudson Odoi.

    Odoi, ESR, Saka and Martinelli, with Nelson and Nketiah in reserve would be the best stable of under 21 forwards in world football. Laca, Auba and Willian replaced for when they are moved on within the next 3 years. Makes that Özil chap obsolete as well.

    Sell: Mustafi, Sokratis, Torreria, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Holding.

    Loan: Nelson, Willock
  13. Dutch D

    Dutch D Well-Known Member

    Sell: Mustafi (€10m) Sokratis (€3m) Torreira (€25m) Guendouzi (€30m) Kolasinac (€2m) Lacazette (€35m) Chambers (€15m) Holding (€10m) Balogun (€8m) Nelson (loan)
    = €138m

    Surely, we should be able to buy Aouar + Partey and perhaps a talented striker or fullback from this money?
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  14. AbouCuéllar

    AbouCuéllar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, was massively impressed with him in the game I saw of Marseille the other day. Nice passing too.

    I always thought of him as a CB playing DM but he looks good enough to be a DM, he looks a pretty top player already.

    He is one of a number of alternative options to Thomas, I hope that if we sell Guendouzi we are open-minded about things, I understand Arteta wants experience but not sacrificing quality or value for money!
  15. asukru

    asukru Well-Known Member

    This season we get Aouar & Partey to finish 3rd and make CL. Next season we go big for Sancho and our future looks like this for me.

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  16. Goonger

    Goonger Well-Known Member

    Big investment this summer in Partey & Auoar sets us up much better & the team if needed can adopt a more conservative approach the next couple of windows.

    A following summer of Bellerin out & Lamptey in, with Laca out & someone like Patson Daka in gives us more pace, athleticism, and a really good core of 20-24 year olds ready to take over when City & Liverpool drop a level or 2.
  17. Whilst we are 12 months away from a really solid defensive partnership which will come with experience, we really need some top quality in midfield, we have some good to very good midfielders but i done think we have any one world class which we saw against Liverpool and doesn't allow us to play a system that Arteta would like to play which is 4|3|3

    Xhaka - Very good
    Ceballos - Can become world class but not ours
    Eleneny - Good
    Saka - Very good but 2 years away from taking a permanent position which will more than likely be left wing
    Guendozi - Wants to leave but could be world class apart from attitude
    Willock, Nielson and ESR - All need EPL loans

    So to the point we need Partey and Auour otherwise we will struggle this season to really make top 4 and beat the best teams

    Spend the money now and make it back next year through some sales as our younger players come through loan experience
  18. Agree with all but we would need to keep either Chambers or Holding as we would be short of a right footed centre back
  19. MiiTek

    MiiTek Member

    Rodrigo Bettancur plan B for a Partey :rolleyes:
  20. benjamin86

    benjamin86 Well-Known Member

    Sangare went to PSV for 8.2m a few days after you posted and Ibrahima Diallo has just gone to Southampton. I'm slightly worried we're going to end up not signing Partey or Aouar and our backup picks will have already moved or there will be no time to sign backups with clubs refusing to sell as they can't replace.

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