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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

  1. raidersoftheark

    raidersoftheark New Member

    Yeah, no way.

    Boruc - 20 million pounds
    Mertesacker/Zapata - 10/15 million pounds
    Toulalan - 12 million
    Arshavin - 25 million (so far)
    Villa - 30 million
  2. Zico

    Zico New Member Elite

    Some potentially more affordable options from Euro 2008:

    Bogdan Lobont

    Central Defense:
    Denis Kolodin

    Ruben De La Red
    Bastian Schweinsteiger
    Daniele De Rossi

    Iviva Olic
    Johann Elmander

  3. Lancelot

    Lancelot Well-Known Member Trusted

    Olic missed so many chances the other day I thought he made Adebayor look like a deadly finisher.
  4. tactica442

    tactica442 Member Trusted

    Allow me to borrow the format of quincy's post.
    My observation list of affordable options from Euro 2008:

    N/A (am I allowed to say Buffon?)

    Central Defense:
    Simunic (perhaps too old)
    Ooijer (the Rover guy, I know...)

    Full back:
    Lahm (top choice, can play RB and LB)
    Grosso (top choice)
    Zhirkov (very impressive in this tournament)

    Defensive Midfield:



    I would love Wenger to (1) swap Eboue+cash for Lahm and (2) spend 10m on Arda. However, I know (1) is a far far dream though. :mrgreen:
  5. Rahul

    Rahul New Member

    My absolute dream signing atm would be De Rossi.Just love that man.

    But he is Roma through and through.
  6. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Senna has impressed me alot for Spain, very Gilberto-like in style.
  7. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Good player. We should have signed him 3 years ago, when Vieira left.
  8. raidersoftheark

    raidersoftheark New Member

    Yep. Very good player. Would tick a lot of boxes. A bit old though, so Wenger won't buy.
  9. Dez

    Dez New Member

    id love to see benzema if ade went but I think zimbabwe will have free and fair elections before benzema is an arsenal player.
  10. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    I really like De Rossi too, the guy just looks like a psycho. Can put the tackles in but is also technically competent, I think he's got a lot in his locker.
  11. True Gooner

    True Gooner New Member Elite


    Senna would be a great signing as well.
  12. kamikaze80

    kamikaze80 New Member Elite

    good call, that wouldve been pretty ideal, actually. while we're in the time machine, we shouldve picked up arshavin instead of rosicky and say, vidic instead of senderos.
  13. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    In my opinion, we should get:

    1- Goalkeeper (probably backup now as Almunia has taken the no. 1 shirt, would've loved Joe Hart personally)
    2- Centre back (having followed the 2008 ACN I thought Ghana captain John Mensah was impressive, linked to Wigan recently, and I for one believe he deserves much better than that!)
    3- Defensive midfielder- Yaya Toure

    Them, along with the hopefully imminent signing of Nasri (I'm bored of all the talk now, we need a confirmation asap or else that's just taking the p*ss if you ask me), and the secured acquisition of Ramsey, and I reckon we'll be tops next season (provided no one leaves)
  14. GaelForce22

    GaelForce22 New Member Trusted

    In reply to GoonerAG in the Diarra thread, I would love him to be here. Has bits of Toure, Flamini and Gilberto about him, is very experienced and he has now won 7 (!) league titles in a row.

    No chance in hell of it happening but it is a wish thread.
  15. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    Now, I have stated before and every Gooner knows the need for an out and defensive midfielder alongside Cesc for the upcoming campaign!

    I believe that Yaya Touré, along with Diarra are the best options that can be realistically targeted!

    I mean Diarra is 27, so at a very important age and at his professional peak, and doesn't lack anything! Speed, power, positioning sense, passing, a powerful shot on him, he's got the lot!

    He hasn't been used as much as he would've liked to, or indeed as much as he deserves to at Real, having had his place taken by Guti.

    Now Real might have bought him for £24m, however, today is a different story and I reckon £10m maximum would be reasonable, especially that Schuster is apparently willing to sell!

    What does everyone think?

    But yeah GaelForce22 Diarra has not played much at the Bernabeu especially last season and so I think we do have a chance if we go for him, particularly that Schuster apparently told him that he is not in his plans, as he looks to have youngsters such as de la Red as backup for Guti and Baptista! So I definitely think bidding for Diarra is worth a shout, and a realistic one!
  16. raidersoftheark

    raidersoftheark New Member

    Gomes to Sp**s for peanuts?

    This ****ing club somethimes...
  17. USgooner

    USgooner New Member

    diarra would cost more than 10 i think. around 15. no one costs ten anymore and if we can get him it would have to be because real is selling players to finance ****face
  18. go49oner

    go49oner New Member

    That tall Russian striker (forgot his name) thought he was outstanding throughout this tournament, and would be good replacement for Adebayor ( if he leaves) How old is he?
  19. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    Gomes is a very good keeper it has to be said, however, Wenger seems to be set on keeping Almunia as his number 1!

    Personally, I would've loved to have Boruc or Hart between the sticks next season...
  20. number_0

    number_0 Member

    Not hart, to unexperianced, maybe in 5 years,boruc is a great jens replacement, the way he rubs on people really unsettles them and makes them shot straight at him.

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