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The Wish List


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After some consideration we should probably stay away from the striker market this summer. There just isn’t anything there that I see as a worthwhile upgrade on what we already have. I like Osimhen but I really don’t see him as a 115m player and I doubt Napoli will sell for less. Havertz / Jesus should work well for another season imo plus I think there is yet more to come from both of them.

Instead I think our number 1 priority should actually be signing… Musiala. While I understand this will be an extremely difficult deal to pull off I don’t think it’s as impossible as most here probably would consider it. He’s reportedly been stalling his new contract from Bayern for a rather long time now and with only 2 years left in the summer there might actually be an opportunity to get him this summer. Bayern should be well aware of the PSG situation with Mbappe and this is something they would have to consider possible if they were to delay selling him another year. If we are to make this happen however we would definitely have to smash our transfer record for a second consecutive summer but imo he could very well be worth it. A midfield of Rice, Ødegaard and Musiala is absolutely ridiculous on paper and it would take us to the next level imo. Could even see him go on and win a ballon d’or with us. Would absolutely love to have him here.
Weren't the rumors saying City is in top position for him ?


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Douglas Luiz

Hope we don’t touch this striker market, genuinely prefer signing nobody to Toney.
It’s very unlikely to happen but I would really like to see us buy Neto and try Saka as a false nine, I have a feeling he would be insane there. It’s not like Martinelli where he is heavily reliant on pace and big spaces to thrive, he’s more like Messi when he was a RW (in terms of style).
If it didn’t work you always have Havertz and Jesus to fall back on, as you were.
Luiz as a six (quarterback) and keep Rice at 8, maybe a double pivot in big games, also give Jorginho an extension.
Just extend nketiah.


Weren't the rumors saying City is in top position for him ?
I’ve seen some rumors linking him with city, pool and even a return to Chelsea yeah. But I don’t think there are any real strong links in this moment of time. Would obviously be a very difficult signing either way because everyone should be paying attention if a player like him becomes available. But what a player he could be for us.


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Although we are still growing, I sadly do not think you leave Bayern for Arsenal. Maybe if the player can't find enough playing time, but Musiala represents their future, IMO.


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So no new player who can play DMF? Pray that Partey stays fit, after having his worst injury ridden season? And after Jorginho having niggles for the first time ever this season.

Injury to Rice, and these players, and just put 17 year old Lewis-Skelly in, in a title challenge. Good stuff.
Rice, Jorginho, Partey and Elneny is already more than enough. Even if Elneny leaves it’s still enough, but we are lacking someone like Simons

I think I see the vision with Hato from Ajax.

Half space runs down that left side, good defending (including awareness) and able to distribute from deep too.

Hato left side, Timber right side, with flexibility in creating our midfield box/pentagon.

If White can become a solid understudy to Saliba, Kiwior to Gabriel, Tomi to both and our fullbacks, then I think we may give up on Diomande.
I doubt timber will be able to replace white

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I hate slower players. I even take a dumb player before a slow one
yes that's why i don't think he suit us he not the type of guy who win so much 50/50 or press high on the ball he excellent player but with Arteta you need to put shift defensively too.

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