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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

  1. Kraig

    Kraig New Member Trusted

    I still wake up in cold sweats when I think of diaby not playing Walcott in when 1 up at the nou camp... Just look up abou!!! No not to bendtner!!!!
  2. SA Gunner

    SA Gunner Prediction Pool King Trusted

    I see an article speaking of possibly two more signings for Wenger, most probably in the region of goal keeper and defender.

    My wish, one more signing on top of that in midfield, either a genuine wide player (Cole) or defensive cover for Song.
  3. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    you are describing a forward- these are the traits of a forwqrd who are much more about power than stamina. i think its a fair assessment of diaby's game
  4. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Melo would win us the league
  5. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    Or Inler.
  6. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite


    Just need that type of player
  7. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Ha! I'd like him here, he'd be a huge improvement on our midfield but he wouldn't make Almunia a goalkeeper.
  8. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Haha true.

    I just think having a defensively solid midfield would do wonders. It may also improve our attack as it'd mean cesc arshavin and co have a platform to go spastic on. It may mean they'll see the ball more often and we'd again have more emphasis on counter attacks
  9. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    Nope. He is not that significant. We desperately need some calmer heads who leads by example at times, but this guy is worse than some of our kids here. Immature and Brainless at its best
  10. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    He did start off his career as an attacker, if I'm not mistaken. It's becoming increasingly hard to see him develop the necessary stamina for a midfield role, especially given the aforementioned traits.
  11. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    If we got Honda, where would he play?
  12. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Milan apparently bidded 7 million for him and were immediately rebuffed. We missed the boat on this one. He only left VVV 6 months ago for 5 million.
  13. hesham

    hesham New Member

    Outlaw. Diaby has averaged about 20 games a season for us in the last five years. Last season was probably his first real one. Regular match time is a huge factor stamina-wise especially for CM position and a guy his size. Diaby has flaws but I don't see how you can write off his fitness long term given lack of run in the team and that stamina is one of the most straight forward element he can improve on in training.
  14. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Bidded lol
  15. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    I haven't written him off, far from it. I'm just concerned that at 24 years old, it might be too late to develop and alter a game which is evidently more suited towards an offensive position. He's just not a natural CM. I just hope that Song and Cesc can continue to mask his deficiencies, whilst Diaby develops the necessary skills.

    Haha, Dules.
  16. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    just that? how about a proper winger, a proper gk, a non-injured striker and a proper back four?
  17. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Was referring to the midfield really, but yep. Sorting the midfield out would do wonders
  18. KY

    KY New Member

    wouldn't mind if Wenger were to go for given actually...
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  19. Floating

    Floating New Member Trusted

    Given or Hart would do just fine, thanks.
  20. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

    Isn't the promise of Hart starting the season directly linked to the fact that Given will still be injured?

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